Hospitality on the go; Airbnb messaging comes to Apple watch


Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, today announced their new app for Apple Watch. Traveling is the ultimate on-the-go activity, and Airbnb’s new Apple Watch app makes it simple for hosts and guests to manage a new or upcoming trip and communicate with each other instantaneously. The new app for Apple Watch features Airbnb messaging, which is frequently used between hosts and guests before, during, or after a stay, and provides another reliable, efficient way to offer hospitality throughout a trip. Working in tandem with Airbnb’s current integration in Passbook for Apple Watch, hosts and travelers can use the Airbnb app to interact with one another without interruption.

“Airbnb is about more than just a place to lay your head, it is about providing a great experience during your whole trip, and the Apple Watch is the perfect way for Airbnb to stay with you wherever you are,” said Alex Schleifer, Head of Design, Airbnb. “Our hosts want to deliver personal hospitality to every guest, and messaging through Airbnb for Apple Watch app is one of the first and fastest ways they can create a long-lasting connection.”

Hosts with an Apple Watch can receive a new booking request right on their wrists, complete with the traveler’s name and photo, requested dates, a personal message from them, and decide whether to accept or decline on the spot. Hosts can initiate and respond to messages, as well as create and save quick, pre-recorded responses to help maintain a healthy response rate.

Rather than pack a computer or stay glued to a mobile device, travelers visiting new or familiar cities now have the ability to keep an ongoing conversation with their host, ask questions, or respond to incoming messages directly on Apple Watch straight from the app. Travelers using Passbook still have access to Airbnb for receiving alert notifications of upcoming reservations and accessing relevant information about their booking.


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