Hrishitaa Bhatt rocked the runway in Designer Manali Jagtap’s latest collection of Floral Drapes & Lehengas


Mumbai: It’s rare to come by a collection that changes the landscape of fashion and sets the benchmark for the future; Manali Jagtap in association with Leading Jewellers Of The World – Gitanjali Gems Ltd. set the standards high showcasing her collection of floral drapes & lehengas with the jewellery by Leading Jewellers Of The World – Gitanjali Gems Ltd. complementing the designs at IIJW’15.

Closing the show was the very beautiful Bollywood star Hrishitaa Bhatt who glided down dressed in her best fashion made a graceful entry in a dazzling Manali Jagtap design and displaying a scintillating diamond set by Leading Jewellers of the World – Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

Inspirational designs, ingenious embroidery and a breathtaking setting will be just the start of what will culminate into a crowning presentation. With this assemblage, Manali Jagtap in association with Leading Jewellers Of The World – Gitanjali Gems Ltd. demonstrated once again why the two are considered pioneers amongst India’s top couturiers & jewelers.

Manali Jagtap’s collection of elegant and luxurious floral designs all created and crafted to give the masses a revolution in fashion. Many creations are suitable for a wide variety of occasions and sentiments. Step out into the extraordinary with premium floral drapes n lehengas in shades of Aqua, Peach, and Mint in Manali Jagtap’s designs and complete the look in exquisite jewellery by Gitanjali.

Reveling much about the collection the Manali explains “My collection was an Eclectic range of floral drapes & lehengas crafted in luxurious fabrics with fine embellishments, the collection is feminine with its floral influences and adds drama with ruffles and layers overall depicting a whimsical fantasy while maintaining its grandeur”

Gitanjali Group Chairman Mehul Choksi exclaims “The collection caters to sophistication and comfort. Jewellery showcased today caters to a clientele that celebrates the best of glamour in luxury and classic style. For women who long for classic creations the collection we will showcase today is an ideal option”


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