Hyderabad gets a new personalized wellness approach

  • V Circle Wellness, a digital platform by a Hyderabad-based founder, Anneysa Ghosh and a celebrity In-house expert Dr Nick Bauer, 

offers personalised wellness programmes

  • Collaboration with genomics leader, Mapmygenome, to offer DNA tested customised treatment

Hyderabad, November 19th 2018: As India becomes wellness conscious, the need for the right direction is the prime concern. Especially at a time, when there are wellness and fitness centres mushrooming in every lane. There are too many general dos and don’ts, but are they what your body needs?  Hyderabad gets a new wellness platform ‘V Circle Wellness’ (www.myvcircle.com) that believes in getting to the root of the problem to ensure a holistic wellness of your body.
V Circle Wellness, which aims to offer the best to its members has Dr Nick Bauer – Osteopath, Physiotherapist, FMR, and therapist – as the in-house expert whose client-list ranges from Real Madrid-player to the royal family of UAE and many other celebrities across the globe.
His wellness treatment is personalized with a unique approach based on the patient’s physical state. Dr Nick assesses the musculoskeletal system of a client and then designs a personalized holistic wellness regime. His therapy for physical pain, osteopathy and functional exercises increase agility and mobility in patients. He includes Cryotherapy, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, and Trainings Therapy.
Speaking about the wellness scene in Hyderabad, Dr Nick Bauer said, “When I visited Hyderabad, I saw that people here are fitness conscious. Majority seems to be visiting local gyms. That’s great. I’ll be fortunate if I could contribute to their holistic wellness by designing a personalized program to suit their body and mind.
Anneysa Ghosh, Founder of V Circle Wellness, started this digital platform when she felt the need for a personalized wellness regime. “When I was suffering from severe back and neck issue, I was clueless as to what was causing it. I also had migraine. I have been a fitness enthusiast with regular exercise and meditation. Despite all these measures, I ended up with health problems.” “This year in Germany, Dr Nick helped me cure my migraine and spine issues that resulted in me being more productive and feeling my best at any given time. I instantly wanted my family and friends to feel the same. That was the time when V-Circle was born to give you access to the best wellness brands – International and Indian – curated only for your body and mind, at an affordable price.”
At V Circle Wellness, one also gets an option to opt for a DNA test to help know what is one’s genetic make and thereby design the wellness program. “We collaborated with the Indian company ‘MapMyGenome’ which will help one know what’s happening inside the body. Each body type is different. For ex: Eating potatoes add issue to one’s body while it does no such harm to another body. That is where the difference comes,” educates Anneysa.


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