Indian origin artists that shine on International television

Indian Origin Actors
Indian Origin Actors

Indian origin actors today are being recognized internationally for their talent and are not confined to playing characters hailing from the subcontinent. And now, especially when the English content is a staple in our consumption habits, we are watching Indian representation in the acclaimed and entertaining tv shows. From supporting cast to playing an integral part to taking the lead, Indian origin artists have come a long way on the international screen.  Let’s take a look at a few who grabbed the audience attention.

  1. Kunal Nayyar – The Big Bang Theory

Kunal plays the affable, shy, awkward astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. A man who seems to lose his tongue in the presence of women but can also be one of the only ones who goes toe to toe in a battle of wits and stubbornness with the series lead, Sheldon Cooper. He along with Sheldon, brings in a level of freshness and innocence to the show. What’s best is that Raj’s character is intelligent and rarely stereotypical or clichéd. Tune in and watch Kunal play the shy and innocent Raj in 73 handpicked episodes of The Big Bang Theory on Comedy Central starting 15th August.

  1. Priyanka Chopra – Quantico
Quantico: Examining the episode of the Priyanka Chopra-starrer ...

The Bareilly-hailing global entertainment royalty, Pee Cee, turns heads with every new project she takes on. She took the American small screen by storm last year in Quantico and the superstar has no intention of backing down. Her character, Alex Parrish’s heritage rarely becomes a source of prejudice for her except for a brief reference to the India-Pakistan tiff. It is quite refreshing to see Priyanka Chopra become the character of an FBI trainee. Watch Quantico on Netflix

  1. Indira Varma – Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones actor Indira Varma says she has coronavirus, was ...

We all know her as the paramour of the deceased Oberyn Martell – Ellaria Sand on the show Game of Thrones. Indira Varma has been the only actor of Indian origin on the vast cast of the HBO super-series for a long time until recently and we’re glowing with pride on her behalf. She’s shown as a vengeful and conniving character but made us all fall in love with her character. Catch Indira on Game of Thrones on Disney+ Hotstar.

  1. Mindy Kaling – The Mindy Project

Definitely a first for an Indian origin actor, wherein Mindy Kaling stars as the lead and the writer of the series.  Her character, Mindy Lahiri is a gynecologist, who has had her share of flings and relationships, but by and large has been rather unlucky in finding true love. Coupled by the fact that several popular faces have made guest appearances in it, The Mindy Project is a definite watch for viewers. Tune in to Comedy Central and watch Mindy in her element.

  1. Vir Das – The Whiskey Cavalier

Actor-comedian Vir Das debuted on international television with Whiskey Cavalier. In the dramedy, he plays a pivotal role of Jay Dutta, a no-nonsense guy. He is a CIA operative and a weapon expert; earlier he had been an assassin for years and this is the first time where he’s thrown into an atmosphere where he has to work with others. For him, handling the weapon is simpler than handling people. He has brought in a prominent Indian Voice to American Television. Tune in to the show on Colors Infinity for this Independence Day special line up to know more about Jay Dutta. 

Celebrate The 73rd Independence Day by appreciating our Talented Indian origin artists who made it big.


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