Indus Health Plus Survey Reveals that Lifestyle Diseases Impact Productive Years of Peoples’ Lives

Indus Health Plus

PUNE: On the occasion of World Health Day, Indus Health Plus, trend report revealed that people in Maharashtra are susceptible to Diabetes (27%) Vitamin B12 Deficiency (23%), Dyslipidemia, (17%), Obesity (13%) followed by heart diseases (10%) and Anemia (10%). The key non-modifiable risk factor is the genetic makeup of an individual favored by environmental, age, gender, stress and physiology, metabolism, which increases the onset and progression of lifestyle diseases. The overall sample size for the study was 21500 people who underwent preventive health check-ups from October 2019 – February 2021.

From Pune, the total sample size was 3306 people. It was observed that the denizens are predisposed to Diabetes (28%), Vitamin B12 deficiency (26%) Dyslipidemia (15%), followed by Obesity (12%), Anemia (10%), and Heart Diseases (9%).

Mr. Amol Naikawadi, JMD, and Preventive Healthcare Specialist Indus Health Plus said, “Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are prevalent in India. These diseases tend to impact people in the most productive years of their lives and result in social and economic consequences. Another important aspect is that comorbid conditions like diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases are high-risk conditions for COVID-19 and hence proper management to keep them in control are vital especially in this situation.”

“While exposure to the SARS-Cov-2 virus remains the most decisive factor determining the chances of getting COVID-19, other possible factors may influence the response to infection. These risk factors include reduced immunity, presence of existing comorbidities, and age. The genetic variants can influence the response to COVID-19 by regulating the immune function that can make an individual less or more vulnerable than others.  Therefore people must understand the value of prevention and continue to invest in timely and routine examination to monitor comorbidities and keep them at bay”. Added Mr. Amol Naikawadi, JMD Indus Health Plus.

Measures to boost immunity Get enough sleep at more healthy fats and whole plant food stay hydrated take a probiotic supplementLimit added sugarsEngage in moderate exerciseManage stressMaintain good hygiene avoids smoking and alcohol don’t consume excessive saturated fats
Indus Health Plus Data – Pune
CATEGORYMALE –  1965(in numbers) in %FEMALE – 1341 (in numbers) in %Total –  3306 (in numbers) in %
DIABETES – F BSL29%26%28%
VITAMIN B 1229%22%26%

The trend report highlights that females are prone to Vitamin B12 deficiency (22%), Anemia (18%), Obesity (13%) as compared to males. Males are at higher risk of diabetes (29%) and heart ailments (12%).

This data gives us an insight into individual health needs to be taken very seriously. Health means physical, social, mental wellbeing with absence from diseases. Therefore, ensure regular health checkups and follow-ups, personalized diet and lifestyle goals need to be set and followed, keep the immunity level strong to ensure protection from diseases.

The main focus of people should be on wellness and prevention of lifestyle diseases and to create a culture of healthy living among the younger generation. The best way to minimize the cost of treating lifestyle diseases is to invest in preventive healthcare, which accounts for fraction of the money spent on curative steps.