INIFD – Bandra hosts Fresher’s Party & Certificate Distribution Ceremony on occasion of Friendship’s Day


Mumbai: The day marked the Fresher’s Party & Annual Certificate Distribution Ceremony ‘15 of Bandra- INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing) which was held at one of the plush lounges of Mumbai with the future designers of the country.

The occasion was graced by the presence of the established names in the industry like Ajaz Khan, Sahil Anand & Harsh Nagar along with the team of his forth coming film “Love Day” as the guest of honor. The afternoon full of fun & fair was followed by the guests of honor bestowing their best wishes and advises upon the graduating students.

Fresher’s Party & Annual Certificate Distribution Ceremony ‘15 of Bandra- INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing) witnessed cast of film love day – Ajaz khan , Sahil anand and harsh nagar , producer Baldev Singh bedi , director harish kotian & sandeep choudhary along with Ramji Gulati who also showcased his video ” Choti si nikar ” and distributed certificates

The entire venue was adorned with the spirit of Fashion with props and backdrop reflecting the Designers and the Bollywood stars for who the Designers have created the beautiful and much appreciated outfits – designed and executed by the INIFD students of Fashion & Interior Design. Bandra- INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing), Fresher’s Bash 2015 & Annual Certificate Distribution Ceremony 2015 was full of colors, fashion & creativity offered a complete entertainment for the crowd all under one roof to celebrate the induction of new students to the Bandra- INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing) Family & Annual Certificate Distribution Ceremony 2015 .

The auditorium was full of promising faces, all dress to impress. On the other side, it was an emotional partition from the years of attachment from their friends, faculty and the student-life.

Headed by Mr. Vivek Dhawan, he mentions “It’s an emotional as well as a happy day of the year. While we welcome a new batch of students, we bid farewell to the old ones” further adding “This year’s batch had a lot of students who wish to get a revolution in the fashion industry. I am really happy with the batch’s performance this year and we are also glad that most of the students have explored their credentials and pose a very bright future”.

Headed by Disha Dhawan Tripathi, she mentions “We are extremely elated to have a new batch of students and we welcome them with open arms to the Bandra- INIFD family. But at the same time it saddens me to see few family members leave us” further adding “The students are prepared to face the world. They have the talent, zeal and determination to carve a footing for them. We wish them all the luck and love for their future”

Bandra- INIFD (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing) Fresher’s Party 2015 not only welcomed the new fresh faces with a bash, they will also inspire them to develop a fashion insight as they would praise and accolade the contribution of Designers to bring a revolutionary change in the Dressing styles of the Indian masses through Fashion weeks, fashion events and most importantly Bollywood.

It was the time for the students who learnt the traits of fashion, to come out of their cocoon and re-invent fashion in their own way. To mark the start of a new beginning, yards of silken thread, scissors, sketches and pencils were seen being exchanged with the solemnity of a black robe and a sacrosanct pledge as the future designers took an oath of fairness and quality


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