INOC will be at the India Day Parade with a colorful float


After over two hundred years under the British Raj, India got its Independence on August 15, 1947.Ever since, the country’s Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and people from other religions and regions mostly lived in harmony and prospered and developed India to one of the leading countries of the world and having supplied all kinds of commodities, IT and other expertise in human resources, it is now making a mark with ever increasing number of CEOs running the Fortune 500 companies. India has the largest network of railway in the world and around 90% of its eligible voters participate in elections – a world record. Throughout history, Indians have effectively voted Governments of different parties to power and thrown them out when it failed them. Hence propagandist governments do not last in India. India’s farmers who feed India must be guaranteed of protection.

We must bury all differences that distance us among st ourselves and bond in an inter-faith brotherhood of citizenry to strengthen the foundation of past strong and stable governments by rejoicing in the remarkable accomplishments it has recorded in its history. Hence INOC, USA hark ens you to come out in large numbers and participate in the colorful parade studded with luminaries and do not fail to visit the INOC,USA float. It is a proud day for all Indians to celebrate India that holds majestically so much love and goodwill for all.

INOC, USA officials including George Abraham, Chairman and Juned Qazi, President along with others will provide leadership with a colorful float at the Parade. Please join the festivities at Madison Ave around 40thst at Noon on Sunday the 16th.

INDIAN NATIONAL OVERSEAS CONGRESS, USA will participate in the Indian Day Parade in New York with a colorful float on Sunday, August 16 at Noon;

Issues call to all freedom loving people to join the march.

All are invited.