Introducing Architect Ekta Ahuja of Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers

Architect Ekta Ahuja

Located in Koregaon Park-Pune, Tejomaya Architects and Interior Designers by Architect Ekta Ahuja and teamwork with an objective to design interesting spaces that consider the human experience and not follow typical design dogma.

PUNE: With over 19 years of experience at the forefront of the interior design industry, Architect Ekta Ahuja is one of the most sought-after luxury interior designers in Pune. It was her relentless passion for design from 18 years of her age that kick-started her iconic career. A recipient of the ‘Achievers Award’ for the Most Innovative Interior Designer in the year 2019, her ever-evolving style is best defined as a ‘Classic Contemporary’ creates a nonchalant and stylish dialogue in her project. While performing each project, her philosophy is a combination of three sources of inspiration: the spirit of the client, the essence of the space, and, lastly, its surroundings. By combining these three variables, each “project equation” yields a bespoke, ultra-personalized, and coherent result.

Architect Ekta Ahuja’s portfolio is a diverse selection of luxury projects spanning across Pune. Her team at Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers has put their stamps on penthouses, bungalows, chalets, apartments, offices, showrooms, retail stores, facade designs, and landscape. She has an experienced, highly qualified, and dynamic team of Interior Designers, Architects, Technicians, and Project Managers specializing in multiple aspects of design. The combined skills of the team and their extensive network of professional and highly skilled consultants, artisans, construction experts, and manufacturers of bespoke services allow them to offer the consummate design experience for their clients.

With a marked understanding of antiques and artifacts, textiles and textures, fine art, and bespoke design, scales, and proportions, Architect Ekta Ahuja gives a timeless and refined vision to every project she undertakes. Her use of neutral tones in the furniture and adding color with artwork, artifacts, and soft furnishings brings in the distinctive point of view to create memorable and inspired spaces. This depth of knowledge has allowed her to undertake a wide variety of projects with varying budgets and divergent levels of specification and intensity. Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers take on projects ranging from a straightforward interior design refurbishment to complex architectural design, development, and construction of substantial properties. 


Located near Pune, Maharashtra on a 6000 sq. ft. plot, the Marvel Homes Project was completed in the year 2018 and exudes an ambiance of warm familial intimacy by Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers. In the design of this residence, Architect Ekta Ahuja aimed to create an organic connection with the microclimate and with a bespoke-like, all the things were designed not picked up. She sought to circumscribe the core concept of this abode around the popular format of ‘form follows function. The systematic procedure thus involved, primarily allocating the requisite of each area before focusing on intricacies, including the muted color palette and furnishings. The residents, being connoisseurs of the Modern style prevalent in colonial Pune, sought a home that portrayed ornate columns and detailed chic patterns.


  • Name of the Architect- Ar.Ekta Ahuja
  • Project Name- Marvel Homes
  • Design Firm- Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers
  • Year of Completion- 2018
  • Location- Pune, Maharashtra
  • Plot Area- 6500 sq.ft


Designed by Architect Ekta Ahuja and her team at Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers, ‘The Waterfront Home’ is a 2500 square feet residence located in Pune that optimizes space includes maximum functions and revolves around the philosophy of creating a unique, innovative, and clutter-free space that reflects the personality and the lifestyle of the owner. The site is at a marvelous location, in a premium complex, on a higher floor, with only two apartments per floor, and has a breath-taking view of the Mula River. This luxury home is a reflection of the lifestyle of the owner and had to be styled to be a statement of being ‘elite’ – which is a combination of lifestyle features, comfort, and top labels in furniture. ‘Exclusivity’ was the driving force behind the look for this house.


  • Name of the Architect- Ar.Ekta Ahuja
  • Client Name- The Waterfront Home
  • Design Firm- Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers
  • Year of Completion- 2019
  • Location- Pune, Maharashtra
  • Plot Area- 2500 sq.ft

PROJECT 3: Sangria Project

With a futuristic and contemporary look, the vision behind the Sangria project was to keep it cosmopolitan yet warm and inviting. Designed for Akashdeep Sindhu, a pilot by profession and his wife, Manoneet Sindhu, Architect Ekta Ahuja and her team at Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers worked meticulously on every detail and execution process that involved adaptable material palettes, innovative solutions, and creative aesthetical approach that helped them achieve the right equilibrium between client’s expectations and their aspiration.

Completed in 2020, each space of the project was tastefully designed and is opulent to create a unique vibe, as nothing less than this would be-fit the connoisseur couple. Atypical colors have been chosen for every room, keeping the entire family member’s taste in mind along with ample natural light which has given every space a character of its own.


  • Name of the Architect- Ar.Ekta Ahuja
  • Client Name- Marvel Homes
  • Design Firm- Tejomaya Architects & Interior Designers
  • Year of Completion- 2020
  • Location- Pune, Maharashtra
  • Plot Area- 4500 sq. ft (approx)


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