ISCR Hosts Conference on “Evolving a Pharmacovigilant Environment in India”


Focus on Collaborations, Opportunities & Challenges

New Delhi, Oct, 4, 2016: 
The Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR) recently held its 3rd National Pharmacovigilance (PV) Symposium on the theme “Evolving a Pharmacovigilant Environment in India – Collaborations, Opportunities & Challenges”. The symposium brought together pharmacovigilance stakeholders across biopharma industry, CROs, service providers, medical professionals, academia and regulators on a common platform to deliberate on the evolution of a pharmacovigilant environment in India by facilitating collaborative efforts to aid the emerging regulatory initiatives.


Dr G N Singh, DCGI, delivered the inaugural address during which he spoke about the Government of India’s initiatives to promote pharmacovigilance through the PvPI and invited stakeholders to share their knowledge with PvPI for furthering the cause of pharmacovigilance in India. While delivering the Guest of Honour’s address, Prof Dr N K Ganguly, Former Director General of ICMR, iterated that more efforts have to go into building structured long-term collaborative ventures involving all stakeholders in order to benefit patients in India. Sessions covered during the symposium included the role of stakeholders in the evolving Indian pharmacovigilance environment, quality management in pharmacovigilance, pharmacovigilance in clinical trials and advances in pharmacovigilance.




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