ITC’s Fiama breaks the clutter with innovation yet again


Launches India’s first range of hand-washes with mood fragrance technology For Soft & Happy Hands

New Delhi: Fragrance can affect and change your mood. This has been at the core of design and technology for Fiama’s portfolio of personal wash and its philosophy of mood upliftment and positivity. In line with the brand philosophy, Fiama, one of India’s leading personal care brand, augments its portfolio with the launch of Fiama Handwashes.

The fragrances in Fiama hand washes have been developed through extensive research and mood mapping consumer studies. This includes indirect and direct mood scaling techniques and mapping of brain wave patterns through electroencephalogram. With innovation at the forefront, the handwash range breaks the category clutter and introduces mood elevation with hand-washes which is beyond the basic germ kill.

Fiama Handwashes are designed not only to keep the hands soft, but also contains fragrances that are proven to uplifts moods. The range – Happy, Fresh and Relax offer variants with fragrances that evoke these emotions. The exquisite bottle shape and the pop colors are a refreshing change in the category. 

Relax, is enriched with Lavender and Ylang Ylang oil, known for its relaxing properties and for improving overall well-being, while evoking emotions of calmness and peace.

Happy, is enriched with Grapefruit and Bergamot extracts, which is known for being an energy and mood booster as the key ingredient.

Fresh, the third variant of the range contains Peppermint oil to ensure high levels of energy and green apple extracts to nourish and improve skin texture. The fragrance compositions promote an active mood state, allowing the user to feel refreshed and invigorated.

Brand Ambassador Sara Ali Khan in a vibrant and colourful canvas communicates the mood fragrances mapped handwashes in a cheerful bright film that announces the launch.

Watch the film here:

Sara Ali Khan, Brand Ambassador, Fiama comments enthusiastically stating, “Fragrance and emotions, smells and memories are often inter linked. Taking a scientific approach to design a sensorial experience for an everyday product takes immense creative thinking and research. I am extremely proud to present these avant garde hand washes which introduce a new way of experiencing a simple hand wash. Who knew washing hands can be so much more than the basic of cleansing.”