J.B. Pritzker sworn in as 43rd Illinois governor In State capitol Springfield

J.B. Pritzker sworn in as 43rd Illinois governor In State capitol Springfield
~Pictures and Report : Syed Khalil Ullah

I will focus on making government more transparent and will provide the high-quality services in Illinois. J.B. Pritzker


The 53-year, J.B. Pritzker took the oath Monday, January 14th, 2019 around Noon at the downtown Springfield Bank of Springfield convention center. The billionaire heir to the Hyatt hotel chain defeated first-term Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner in Last November with big margin.

Syed Khalil Ullah was an only Pakistani journalist hosted this special coverage of the inauguration ceremonies of South Asian Communities. Large numbers of Muslim and Pakistani, Indian also attended the historical Ceremony. A group of Several Pakistani came under the Banner of APNAUSA from Chicagoland area. Mr. Javed Ahmed Umrani, Consul General of Pakistan, Chicago and Indian Consul General of Chicago Ms. Neeta Bhushan also attended the Ceremony.

Pritzker is having a plan to revise the state income tax structure to make wealthy taxpayers pay a greater share. He will likely move quickly in the just-begun session of the General Assembly to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and to put together a long-desired capital construction plan to fix roads, bridges and schools.

Pritzker defeated the first-term Republican Rauner in last November.

Democrats comprise the entire statewide slate. Incoming Lt. Gov. Julianna Stratton and Attorney General Kwame Raoul also were to be inaugurated, along with Secretary of State Jesse White, Comptroller Susana Mendoza and Treasurer Michael Frerichs.

During in his Speech the Governor of Illinois Said; “I believe in science. To that end, as one of my first acts as Governor, Illinois will become a member of the U.S. Climate Alliance, upholding the goals and ideals of the Paris Climate Accord.”

 He further said, “Ladies and gentlemen, for 200 years Illinois has proudly stood as the beating heart of our Republic… a place whose people have high hope and clear vision. This is where Lincoln found the mettle to grip a warring nation in both hands and hold us together. This is where Obama came to organize and to witness the courage that runs deep in our communities – with whom he found the fortitude to launch his bid making history. This is where the 13th and 19th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were first ratified, ending slavery and guaranteeing a woman’s right to vote.

He highlighted, we need to bring real efficiencies to state government. Our information technology systems are outdated and cost more to maintain than they do to replace. Inexpensive health care prevention programs were decimated, causing higher spending to treat diseases that could have been cured. Balancing the budget means lowering the cost of government while delivering the high-quality services Illinoisans deserve.

He said, I will focus on making government more transparent.  It is directed at state agencies, boards, and commissions. I will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and to transition the state away from a flat tax system and toward a progressive tax.

“It is time to update and repair our state’s aging infrastructure. Railways, roads, bridges and fresh water arteries are on the verge of collapse. Crumbling bridges mean people’s lives are in danger. Deteriorating rail systems mean goods and services take longer to deliver and cost more. We are the nation’s supply chain hub and we must be built like it.”

After Governor J.B. inauguration, Democrats comprise Illinois’ entire statewide slate. Lt. Gov. Julianna Stratton and Attorney General Kwame Raoul were inaugurated. Secretary of State Jesse White, 84, took the oath for a fifth term. Treasurer Michael Frerichs and Comptroller Susana Mendoza also inaugurated in the same ceremony.


J.B. Pritzker sworn in as 43rd Illinois governor In State capitol Springfield


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