Jacqueline Fernandes Reveals her Dating Secrets on #mojLIVE -Ek Nayi Duniya

Jacqueline Fernandes

INDIA: Moj recently launched its all-new LIVE video streaming feature that aims to take fans to a new, unfiltered world of fun, laughter, and 2x entertainment. To kickstart #mojLive – Ek Nayi Duniya, our favorite superstar, Jacqueline Fernandes went LIVE on Moj and it was a fun-filled session, to say the least.

In a world where finding a partner is a swipe away, Jacqueline Fernandes shares what she would hope for in her partner. A person who is very real and honest and does not lie or is fake is one of the key traits she wishes for. She also revealed that she would like for her potential partner to be interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle along with having the courage to face life’s many issues and challenges head-on. Also, keeping up with love in an algorithmic age, when asked what Jacqueline’s dating app bio would say, she said, it would be absolutely true to who she is “Early to sleep, early to rise”

Moj’s new feature brought out the uncanny, candid, and unseen avatar of Jacqueline, offering fans a sneak peek into their Duniya like never before.

Download Moj today, and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with your favorite celebrities.


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