Kangana Ranaut all set to pen an autobiography


Mumbai: It is quite unusual for a successful mainstream actress to shed her goody image and get real about the fraternity, industry and profession. Actors and actresses seldom do that and present a very rosy picture. But not Kangana Ranaut.

Unconventional in many ways, this Katti Batti actress, in an interview to a leading daily reveals her plans of penning down an autobiography soon. She also openly discusses the dark, dingy side of the tinsel town and her experience as a newcomer here. She reveals, “Mine has been a journey of a thousand miles. I didn’t fly first class into Mumbai. I have travelled in buses, taxis and trains, and even walked a lot. I have slept on the pavement, since I didn’t have a house. I have been caught in traps, so I had to lodge complaints against people. I have seen the ugly side. On the other hand, I have also been awarded by the President twice, and I am the highest-paid actress today (smiles).”

Having admitting that it was not a cakewalk for her, she still loves her story and wants to reveal all in her autobiography, which she feel will scandalise masses and the fraternity alike. In the chat with the daily, she said that she converted her obstacles into her strengths, and that’s what makes her stand out from the rest.

The National Award winning actress also reveals about the not-so-pretty side of Bollywood. She says, “There are all kinds of people in Bollywood and then, there is the cream. And they are holier-than-thou of course. But it is a very dark place, especially if you are from the low rung. However, when you come up you see all the shades.”

Now, only her autobiography will give reveal some scandalous secrets about the B-town and its people.


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