Kapil Dev to throw a curveball at Sumit!


Mumbai: Get ready to watch cricket stalwart Kapil Dev’s fiction debut in a special cameo, playing himself in STAR Plus’s latest show Sumit Sambhal Lega. The funny episode will see him not as someone who will help Sumit handle everything – but rather as someone who throws a bouncer at poor Namit.

Having turned down numerous similar offers in the past, Kapil Dev shared why he chose this show, “I chose to go ahead with Sumit Sambhal Lega because I was simply asked to appear as myself in the show. That, of course, did not require any complicated acting and I believed I could pull it off, which is why I took it up.”

While shooting, some of his scenes required him to handle at least 10 toddlers at once. Quite a tough task in itself, Kapil Dev managed to not only handle the small kids very patiently but he ensured that the scene went off smoothly. Known to be very fond of his daughter Amiya Dev, Kapil Dev said that once you become a parent, you automatically pick up on the art of handling little children.

Shared actor Namit Das, “Kapil Paaji was so good with the kids, I was really surprised! I mean, where most people get irritated with the delays and crying, Kapil Paaji, in spite of being such a huge personality was extremely patient and handled the kids beautifully.”

Tune-in on STAR Plus at 10 PM this Friday to watch whether Sumit is able interview the living legend Kapil Dev or whether he loses out on one of his career’s best opportunities?


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