Karan Sharma goes the Aamir Khan way!


Mumbai: Karan Sharma, known for his role in Ek Nayi Pechaan, is back to play the lead role in STAR plus’s soon to launch show, MOHI. The show is about a tribal girl MOHI, a character to be played by Vinita Joshi wanting to become a doctor in the city.

Karan Sharma, will be playing the male lead in the show. His character will be of an emerging photo journalist, waiting for his big break and is seeing working hard to do breaking news story. The actor believes in giving his 100 % to the role and has thus attended sessions to give a finished touch to his character named Ayush in the show.

Playing the character of a photo journalist, Karan personally took some lessons from his friends who are journalists in real life and spent time with them to get into the skin of the role. Talking about his experience, Karan said, “I have many college friends who are journalists in real life. I really admire Aamir Khan and wish to work on his path if not with him. I took this personal training from some of my friends. This was basically to learn the way they work, the in depth research they do for a story. Also, the way they present themselves to the people they want to get information from and the risks they take to break a story to the nation.”

While, it will be later revealed in the show, how the leads meet but it will be great to see, two budding individuals wanting to make it big in their life.


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