Kennedy Training Network announces alliance with TRACK Pulse Call and Lead Tracking System


KTN announced today a marketing alliance partnership with the TRACK Pulse call and lead tracking system. “TRACK Pulse is the easiest to use and most reasonably priced resource for helping lodging companies to convert more incoming reservations calls into confirmed bookings,” said Doug Kennedy, President of KTN. “So far there has only been one legacy system that I know of, and I am excited to help get the word out on what I think is a much better and definitely more affordable solution,” added Kennedy.

TRACK Pulse is especially appealing to higher end hotels, resorts and vacation rental companies that have higher ADR’s and longer average stays, and thus a higher “revenue per booking” opportunity than an average standard hotel might. It allows for hotels to track all inbound call activity on a “by campaign” and “by agent” basis, and to measure true call conversion as agents can categorize the calls they receive. The system also records all calls, allowing managers to listen to and score real-world calls according to their own in-house criteria. When repeat callers dial back, their contact record pops up on the agent’s screen including all notes and previous correspondence. Best of all, it allows agents to turn calls into leads by sending follow-up emails and then putting a note on their task list to follow-up.

“We seek to help our diversity of lodging industry clients find the most effective software solutions,” said Kennedy, “By partnering with the TRACK Pulse system our training can help clients close more incoming reservations, better manage outbound phone leads, and ultimately increase revenues.”

“Our strategic partnership with Doug Kennedy and the Kennedy Training Network will help bring our TRACK Pulse Revenue Optimization Software across the globe,” said Matt Renner, VP of Sales. “We’re also excited that access to KTN’s Reservations Sales quest training resources, including their new eLearning library, is available at no cost to our clients and that Doug is presenting a private, live webinar series for them too.”


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