KPMG in India is now accredited service provider for TMMi® services


New Delhi: KPMG in India, one of the leading professional services firm in the country announced today that it is now an accredited service provider for TMMi® (Test maturity Model Integration) services and is formally listed as such by the TMMi® foundation.

TMMi is perceived by many as the de-facto model for test process improvement and assessment. Many organisations and individuals are increasingly adopting TMMi® to improve their software test process and have their test processes or test organisations, TMMi® accredited.

The license to provide these services is given by the TMMi foundation, a U.K.-based non-profit organisation that is dedicated to improving test processes and practices. It is also the central body that formally accredits assessors and issues TMMi certifications to testing organisations across different test maturity levels.

We have been providing TMMi-based consulting, training, assessments and formal accreditations to multiple large organisations over the last two years. With this accreditation, KPMG in India can now provide the following TMMi services to their clients’ independently:

1. TMMi formal assessment – Leading to the TMMi test maturity certification from maturity level two up to level five.

2. TMMi informal assessment – Helping organisations identify gaps based on the TMMi model.

3. TMMi-based process definition – Helping organisations increase test maturity leading to better software quality.

4. TMMi-based consulting – Helping organisations align their internal testing processes to the TMMI model or achieve the TMMi test maturity certification.

5. TMMi training and workshops.

a) Corporate programmes: Increasing awareness on TMMi by conducting workshops and trainings.

b) Individual programme: Helping individuals achieve the TMMi professional certification.

KPMG is one of the very few organisations in India today that is licensed to conduct TMMi assessments and provide accreditation to organisations globally.

K.K Raman, Partner and Head of Business Excellence at KPMG in India said: “TMMi accreditation not only helps in attaining a wider business perspective within testing operations, but also helps in creating a sustainable road map for improving test process maturity. TMMi is a preferred global benchmark available at this point for organisations that provide testing services, with well-established credentials for a thorough assessment and benchmarking against international norms.”

Prasanth Shanthakumaran, Director, Business Excellence, KPMG in India said, “Software testing is becoming critical to ensure that the products and services delivered to customers and internal business stakeholders is of the highest quality. Adoption of TMMi will provide a strong foundation for the testing industry.”


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