Laxmi-Raghunath Medical Foundation to operate free of cost for patients below the poverty line in Pune


Pune: Laxmi-Raghunath Medical Foundation which has been established by Dr. Sanjeev Gokhale in 1996, has announced a lifetime scheme of performing operations (Partial Joint Replacement-Knee) free of cost. 21st September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sharchandra Gokhale a renowned social activist, ex-editor of “Kesari” and father of Dr. Sanjeev Gokhale. On this occasion, he will commence charitable operations for patients below the poverty line free of cost.

Laxmi-Raghunath foundation has carried out successful camps for patients who are financially deprived in the past as well.

Dr Sanjeev Gokhale, is a senior name in the medical fraternity in Pune. He has published many books like Kambardukhi (Explaining everything about backache to common man.) Gudaghedukhi (explaining everything about knee problems to common man.) and Total Knee replacement for the common man explaining everything that a patient needs to know about knee replacement. He is the Founder of Laxmi-Raghunath Medical Foundation which was established in 1996.


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