Learn the art of Effective Cleaning this Ganesh Chaturthi


Most of us would love to have a pleasantly well-kept and beautifully arranged home throughout the year. Given the erratic lifestyles we live in, is it truly possible? While we are always determined and charged up in our efforts towards that, we get extremely caught up with mundane chores of our daily life. As a result, cleaning all the massive clutter that we have piled up over the years seems an uphill task.

With Ganesh Chaturthi being just around the corner, cleaning the house is important not only from the purpose of hygiene but also because it ushers in the positive spirit of festivity and prosperity. For those who have to put up with their maid’s tantrums or have to deal with the cumbersome process of sweeping and mopping, it is important to learn, un-learn and re-learn the most effective and quicker Do it Yourself #DIY ways of doing it right.

Listed below here are 6 quick-fix tips which will make your house-cleaning process faster and hassle-free.

1. Categorize: Cleaning everything in the house all at once will lead to squandering your time and effort. Prioritize the tasks and efforts. Divide your time into cleaning the furniture first and then the floor, walls, lights, fan, carpets etc.
2. De-clutter: One of the key things to keep in mind is to de-clutter your home, by giving away all unwanted things to avoid making the house look messy, especially when the house has both expected and unexpected guests
3. Manual vs Mechanical: Most people lose out on achieving 100% cleaning as they stick to conventional and physically-intensive methods. The trick is to decide when to opt for manual cleaning and when one must bring in vacuum cleaners into play. Remember to use the vacuum to clean hard-to-reach places such as carpets, space below the beds, windows and grills and other crevices
4. Advanced technologies: With newer and advanced products in the market, one can do away with ordinary mop or duster. One can opt for a spray mop, to clean the floors, leaving it spotless. New-age spray mops come in the form of a handy device that ensures no painful back bending and no dirty hands
5. UV Sanitizer: New-age cleaners give you an option of UV Sanitizers, which takes domestic cleaning to another level, by enabling a non-chemical approach to disinfection, leaving your home spic-and-span in minutes, ensuring complete sanitization. Just check with experts before fixing on the vacuum cleaner for your home
6. No painful bending, no back-aches: According to doctors, 70% of Indian women suffer from back problems by the age of 40, due to daily household chores, including sweeping and swabbing. There are handy devices which have an instant spray lever that releases water and spills in a single wipe. Also, look for appliances like Wet & Dry vacuum cleaners that perform multi-functions such as sucking all the dirt and dust from the air and unique wet pick-up that sucks the wet spills from floors, leaving it spotless
With these easy tips, give your loved ones a healthy, hygienic home this Ganesh Chaturthi … yourself!

Authored by: Mr. Shashank Sinha, Senior General Manager- Marketing, Eureka Forbes Limited


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