On the occasion of World Obesity Day, March 4, 2020, let’s bust some of the most common and shocking myths about Obesity. Let’s take this opportunity to also understand more about the disease and epidemic that is Obesity and the treatment options available in India with Dr. Ramen Goel, a leading weight-loss surgeon in Mumbai

Obesity is a growing health concern in India, no pun intended. One in five Indians is either Overweight or Obese and according to experts, Obesity and related diseases cause a potential loss in life expectancy of 3-10 years. One of the key challenges in tackling the Obesity epidemic are the myths and misconceptions that surround it. On World Obesity Day, let’s hear it from the experts who have been fighting the battle against bulge and the life-threatening implications for those suffering from this disease. Dr. Ramen Goel, a leading weight-loss surgeon in Mumbai dispels some of the myths related to Obesity, both as a chronic disease as well as what’s the solution.

Myth Fact
Obesity is a COSMETIC issue Obesity is a disease and NOT a cosmetic issue. Obesity is a chronic medical disease leading to serious health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Infertility & PCOS, certain types of cancers and sleeps apnea.
Obesity is caused by SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE or lack of physical activity People often blame obesity on poor dietary choices and inactivity. In fact, it is a complex multifactorial disease caused by many factors such as metabolic, genetic, hormonal conditions which are difficult to treat with lifestyle modifications alone.
Overweight & Obese Children are just ‘healthy’ & come from ‘KHATE PEETE’ FAMILIES Research shows overweight children are more likely to become obese as adults & are at more risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases than their peers. Parents, together with educational institutions, play a crucial role in inculcating healthy eating and an active lifestyle in children.
Obesity can be managed effectively by DIETING and lifestyle management A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are the mainstays for weight management, but for obese individuals they have limited impact. Dr. Raman Goel: There is enough evidence to suggest that exercise is important for healthy living and long-term weight maintenance, but often has a limited role in weight loss for morbidly obese patients
Weight-loss surgery is for people who want to AVOID HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE Weight loss surgery is scientifically proven and clinical evidence suggests that weight loss surgery is one of the effective options for morbidly obese patients. It also helps in the resolution of diabetes and other comorbidities
WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY IS A RISKY treatment option to lose weight & should be avoided Dr. Ramen Goel: If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon and in a surgical center of excellence, the risk associated with surgery is extremely minimal

OSSI, The Obesity Surgery Society of India, has conducted large studies of more than 10,000 patients to look at complications, diabetes resolution and weight loss after surgery and ascertains the safety and efficacy of the surgery. These studies have shown excellent results which are at par International standards”, says Dr. Sumeet Shah.

OSSI is committed to improve the lives of many suffering from Obesity disease and improve standards of care through bariatric & metabolic surgeries.


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