LPF welcomes New Lila Fellows & Lila Girls in the Family

Pune, 1 December 2018: Lila Poonawalla Foundation (LPF) celebrated a gigantic ceremony of the UG-PG Scholarship Award function which was held on 1 December 2018 at S.G Barve Hall, Alpa Bachat Bhavan. 600 girls studying in institutes in Pune District awarded scholarships in Post Graduation, Science, 1st Year Engineering, Nursing, Direct 2nd Year Engineering, and Pharmacy. These girls will be called as Lila Fellow/Girl.
The function was too big to handle in one sitting. Therefore it was split into 2 functions. One in the morning and other in the afternoon followed by lunch and dinner.
Morning function was honored by MR. MINOO DASTUR (President & CEO, Nihilent Ltd) as a Chief Guest and MS. RASHMI DAVE (recipient LPF PG scholarship in -1998, & Technical Specialist, Persistent Systems Ltd) as a Guest of Honor.
In the afternoon function MR. VIKRANT GANDHE (CS & Head, Corporate Sustainability, TATA Technologies) as a Chief Guest and MS. VRUSHALI GAUD (recipient LPF PG scholarship in – 2000, & India Advisor, International Integrated Reporting Council) as a Guest of Honor.
All four were unified in their message to the young girls and their parents, of the importance of educating more and more girls so that they can be confident, intelligent and independent both mentally as well as financially.
The functions were concluded with an address by MOM (PADMASHREE LILA POONAWALLA), in her speech she spoke about how girls are not just great home-makers but also great professionals who have the capacity to not only multitask but also handle all the responsibilities with grit. She made a request to parents to permit and support the girls to realize their dreams and live the life they choose to. She also thanked all partner Companies and individuals who support LPF efforts in reaching out to many girls.


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