Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation introduces bicycles for Tourists staying at MTDC Holiday Resort at Ganpatipule and Mahabaleshwar


Pune, 19th December 2018: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) has introduced bicycles at tourist spots, Ganpatipule and Mahabaleshwar promoting the noble cause of sustainability and eco-tourism in the state.
Both Ganpatipule and Mahabaleshwar have been recognized by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation as nature and beach side resorts, where proper cycling posts have been created giving travellers the opportunity to hire bicycles. MTDC has developed this with the assistance of local operators. Bicycle tours can be availed at INR 20 for 1 hour and INR 100 for 24 hours at Ganpatipule. Similarly, gear bicycles are available at INR 100 for 1 hour at Mahabaleshwar due to its hilly terrain.
MTDC supports a world-class cycling infrastructure in the state. These bicycle tours will certainly offer dedicated cycle tracks which will inspire commuters to select cycling over cars leading to less pollution.
Shri Chandrashekhar Jaiswal, General Manager, MTDC added, “We have received overwhelming response for hiring of these bicycles at Ganpatipule and Mahabaleshwar. We believe that the best eco-friendly way to explore a destination is by foot or by cycling. By looking at enthusiastic responses we have added 2 more cycles at Ganpatipule, which now has 5 cycles and Mahabaleshwar has 15 cycles. We are planning to initiate the same at other tourism hotspots. This initiative is cost effective, economical and sustainable and the aim is to position Maharashtra as a cycling hotspot will certainly allure international and domestic travellers across the globe.”


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