Max Life Insurance launches – New Campaign ‘Sachchi Advice’


New Delhi: Max Life Insurance, one of India’s leading life insurance companies today announced the launch of a new campaign ‘Sachchi Advice’. The new campaign emphasizes the importance and significance of honest advice which, usually comes from someone who has a genuine interest in your welfare. The central theme of the campaign is well captured with the tag line ‘Sachchi Advice sirf apne hi dete hain’. The campaign has been designed by Ogilvy and Mather and will air for a period of 6 weeks beginning on August 20, 2015.

The campaign brings alive ‘Sachchi Advice’ through an engaging story of two brothers playing carrom in their home. The older brother suggests to the younger brother to start saving instead of buying an expensive phone. This is followed a few seconds later with another suggestion to buy a less expensive phone and use the remaining amount to invest in an insurance policy. The younger brother casually shrugs off his older brother’s suggestions with a few tongue-in-cheek retorts and asks why his older brother, at his age had not thought it important to save for the future.

The older brother answers saying that when he was younger he didn’t have a caring older brother like he is now to advise him accordingly. This one sentence is the very thread that weaves the campaign together. The film is built on our nature to consider the advice of those older than us, especially siblings, to be old fashioned and archaic and therefore in many ways irrelevant. The new TVC with the tagline ‘Sachchi Advice sirf apne hi dete hain’ showcases the importance of honest or Sachchi Aadvice and the old adage that it’s only those who care for you, who will give you honest advice.

Commenting on the new campaign, Manik Nangia – Director and Chief Digital Officer, Max Life Insurance said, “Max Life Insurance has always stood for honesty and transparency in the sector which for the most part is seen as untrusting. We have built our equity and differentiation over the last few years on the value of ‘Honesty’. Earlier we highlighted the honest and straight forward dealings our advisors have with our customers, seeding the proposition of ‘Aapke Sachche Advisor’.

Manik also added “We are now looking to take this to the next level by moving beyond the relationship that our advisors have with our clients, to the value that is inherent in our organization. Max Life insurance lives the value of honesty in everything it does, and will, going forward, stand for ‘Sachchi Advice’. ‘Sachchi Advice’ is a transparent and thought-through advice that Max Life Insurance believes benefits each of its customers, much like the advice given by those closest to us, keeping our best interest in mind. We are looking to further break the barrier of distrust through our new campaign by trying to send the message that not only are we as a company ‘Committed to do what is right’ but that we will always give you honest or Sachchi Advice because we care and have your best interests at heart.”

To ensure maximum reach, Max Life plans to amplify the campaign via Televison, radio and social media. The Digital media route will also be used to create conversations and invite customers to share their personal experiences of ‘Sachchi Advice’ that changed their lives. Through these medium, Max Life is looking to connect with its customers on a more personal level by showing that the organization and its employees care enough about its customers to ensure that honest or ‘Sachchi Advice’ is the foundation of all its relationships.


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