Meetee Infotainment Supports Durgotsav 2021, Pune Mayor’s Cultural Initiative

(left to right) Vyankatesh Mandke, Mayor Murlidhar Mohol, Aniruddha Rajdherkar, Shantanu Kulkarni.
  • Pune Mayor & Sanskruti Pratisthan to lead the initiative 
  • Meetee Infotainment to provide all the support on the technical and execution side


  • This activity will be for all those below 20 years of age.
  • Children can participate with the help of their parents.
  • Participation will be free of cost  
  • All the forts should be beautified with innovative ideas that should be implemented.
  • 3 photos of Durg from three different sides should be uploaded on the following website from November 2,  onwards
  • In each section, 10 forts will be selected from the uploaded photos
  • A jury of experts will visit the selected 10 forts
  • 3 forts will be selected from each participating ward
  • All the winners will be given a letter of appreciation and a gift from the Mayor online
  • The last date to participate is November 20 

PUNE: Mayor, Murlidhar Mohal and Pune-based Meetee Infotainment today launched a unique initiative – Durgotsav 2021 to restore and rekindle Maharashtra’s tradition, history, culture, and ethos. Be it in the backyard of the housing society or privately on the terrace or in the gallery, forts are expected to be built in their respective vicinity by the participants. Media houses are also expected to play a crucial role in helping innovative and unique fort ideas to reach all the citizens.

The main aim of the initiative is to inspire people and make them participate on a common platform to celebrate Marathi culture, tradition, and enriching history. Pune which is regarded as the cultural capital of Maharashtra is also the birthplace and city of origin of festivals like Ganeshotsav & Shivjanmotsav. On the same lines, Durgotsav’s main intention is to make people come together for a noble cause.  People from various walks of life are invited to participate and celebrate with passion and enthusiasm.

Speaking about the initiative, Murlidhar Mohol, Mayor of Pune City, said,

“Many thanks to all the citizens of Pune for their support during the difficult times of the Pandemic. I feel that the time has come, that this city will build another historic movement through Durgotsav. We appeal to people from all strata of the society to actively participate and once again show the unity of strength and pride they have about their culture, history, and tradition. I thank Metee for their support and coming forward voluntarily coming forward for a cause. Also, I wish Team Mawala all the best and have all the confidence that they would make this a big success.

During last one year the school kids had a very tough time as they couldn’t get of their house for any activity. This affected their mental psyche so much that the agitating kids also made their parents worry. With such initiatives like Durgotsav kids and parents together can come out of their homes in the open air and can enjoy together and make forts and decorate them in their own unique way.

Speaking about the association, Venkatesh Mandke, Partner, Metee Infotainment said,

“We are really thrilled and excited to associate with such a unique initiative. We really thank the Mayor of Pune City Shri. Murlidhar Mohol, and his organization Sanskruti Pratisthan for providing us with such a great opportunity. Our main focus and aim would be to increase the participation of people and Team Mawala would give all their best to make the event a huge success. I too appeal people from the city to actively participate and make it a huge success.”


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