MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy Meets NRI Pharma Investors in Houston, USA.


Shri Manchireddy Kishan Reddy, the TRS MLA Ibrahimpatnam, Telangana has been felicitated by the Houston Telugu community in Houston, Texas. In a community meet-n-greet event at Mayuri restaurant, organized by the Telangana Association of Greater Huston (TAGH) and Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA), MLA Kishan Reddy has meet many prominent NRI Pharma investors and medical professional leaders in Huston. This town-hall style meeting was orchestrated as part of his US tour to promote Telangana Pharma City project. The town hall has crowded with Over Hundred Pharma innovative entrepreneurs and leaders attended the meeting.

MLA Kishan Reddy has said that he got assignment to do ground work for establishing the Green Pharma City, the largest pharma industrial complex coming ” on 30,500 acres of land in Rangareddy & Mahbubnagar districts. Manchireddy quoted after this project “Hyderabad will be the Pharma Hub in Nation and it will be added to icons of Telangana among many landmarks in TG. It is expected to provide 1.5 to 5 lakh jobs which full fills his TG development slogan “Education and Employment”. He said there are several hundred pharma companies in Hyderabad and there is need for more for bulk drug units in Telangana. He said that Pharma City is part of the KCR’s vision for Telangana Development, and invited the investors to take in this big project.

Prominent pharma and medical people expressed strong interest in investing in the Pharma City. They asked questions about the project and the formalities for the unit allotments. Dr. Surya Raghu, a prominent physician, Sudhaker Reddy Malladi a prominent Cardiologist in Houston, has expressed interest in starting a huge Pharma plant. Dr. Malla Reddy Pailla, billionaire with New York based successful Biotech industries wanted to be the Pharma city site in his next visit to India. Dr. Samba Reddy, an eminent pharma researcher in the US, has creative training ideas for the Pharma City. Dr. Rajender Aparasu, a senior pharmacy professor in Houston, appreciate this project for boosting Pharma production in India. Dr. Raghu Veer  and Sreedhar Reddy Kanchanakuntla, a pharmacy business people in Houston, Dr. Manchi CM Reddy (Scientist) were enthralled with the chance to get some land in Pharma City for his future business in India. Mahender Musuku, Jhansi Reddy, Narasimha Reddy Donthireddy, Dr. Raghava Reddy Gosala a famous psychiatrist, Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani, assured that to give full NRI support for MLA Manchireddy’s vision “Education and Employment” with different schemes from NATA and TATA associations in this US trip.

Many other Telugu association leaders have attended this meeting, including TAGH president Sanjeev Reddy, NATA leaders Jithender Reddy, TCA trustees, board of directors and Bathukamma committee chairs.  They welcomed MLA Kishan Reddy and owed to provide full support for Telangana projects.


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