Munshi Premchand’s Festival ‘Prem- Utsav 2015′ ended successfully


Mumbai: Ideal Drama and Entertainment Academy (IDEA) had organized Munshi Premchand’s festival ‘Prem- Utsav 2015′ to commemorate the 135th birth anniversary of Munshi Premchand. The festival was organised at Sathaye College in Vile Parle (East), Mumbai. The 10 days festival ended on 8th August 2015.

In ‘Dil Ki Raani’ TV Actor Vijay G Badllani played the role of a cruel and rude King Tamuuer and Film Actress Rozlyn Khan played the role of Habib. It is an Urdu play about a cruel and rude king named Tamuuer(Vijay Badllani) and how he harms the masses by getting influenced by wrong people, thinking that he is doing right for Islam. It also showed how a girl named Habib disguises herself as male, changes the way of thinking of the king making him a good person and how their love story begins and makes history.

Actor Vijay Badllani says “I really thank God and Mujeeb Sir for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Today whatever I am, is because of Mujeeb Sir.He gave me this opportunity and I got appreciated for my work. These dramas and plays provide platform where we can receive immediate reaction and response of the audience. People should participate in plays and dramas.

Actress Rozlyn Khan has played Habib’s role in Dil Ki Raani. Unfortunately every campaign or Photo shoots which Rozlyn did weather Peta or IPL turned out to be controversial so controversial that people did not notice that she is an actress too. “I always work and dress like Hollywood actress, so people finds it a big thing. The roles played are of a prostitute and a living in relationship. Which was written by Munshi Premchand decades ago? We do these things now but I don’t know why it is seen as a bad thing? Now people will come to know that I am a talented actress, “Rozlyn Khan says.

“These plays give an actor so much satisfaction and it cannot be experienced anywhere else while acting. If any actor wants to polish or improve his skills, he should participate in a play.” Director Mujeeb Khan says.


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