Music launch of film “Fredrick”


Mumbai: On 19th March, 2016, the Cast and Crew of “Fredrick” hosted a glamorous Music launch party at the Classique Club, Mumbai.

Cast & crew including _were a part of the T & Music launch party. The launch party was attended by friends aswell who came to wish all the luck.

Evana Entertainment’s “FREDRICK” – Producer: Manish Kalaria; Director: Rajesh V Butalia; Actors: Prashant Narayanan, Tulna, Avinash Dhyani and Anna Ador; Music Label: Crescendo Music; Music Director: Sunjoy; Lyrics By: Rajesh Butalia, Saveri Verma, Dikasha Jyoti; Singers: Shaan, K.K, Sunidhi Chauhan, Ryan Victor, Rimi Dhar, Deepali Sathe.

MD of Crescendo Music Suresh Thomas says “The audiences got a little sample of the music of the film from the trailer which only led to an increase in the excitement surrounding its official launch. We promise to create a musical storm with the film FREDRICK”

All engrossing, pure escapist, nail-biting, mind bending, suspense and psychological twists are the ingredients of “Fredrick”. Produced by Manish Kalaria & Evana Entertainment and directed by Rajesh V Butalia the film stars Prashant Narayanan and debutants Avinash Dyani, Tulna and Anna Ador. Indeed a fascinating Psychological Thriller.

Rajesh V Butalia redefines the art of creating a film by offering sleek narration, pure new-age suspense, thrills and excitement.

With some great and convincing performances by all the actors, underlined by an excellent music score by Sunjoy to heighten the experience, Fredrick is bound to keep its audience on the edge of their seats as the plot thickens towards the climax.

To find the answers and solve this mystery… watch FREDRICK.


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