My Goal is to demystify Wines – Kerry Damskey


While India is new to the Wine Industry , just about a couple of decades , I am happy the way Indian consumers have adapted to wines says Master Winemaker Kerry Damskey. The San Francisco based winemaker was in Pune for a special wine tasting session organized by Sula Vineyards . As a Consultant of Sula Wines, Damskey’s expertise is instrumental in propelling Sula Wines into one of India’s premium wines and a recognizable New World wine the world over. With more than 30 years of experience in Wine making all over the world he is known as the ‘ Wandering Winemaker’.

Kerry Damskey says My job is to make wines friendly and attractive . Technically one can say that White Wines go best with white meat while Red Wines go well with red meat. But there is no need to complicate wines. The most important thing is that consumers should like the wine and the style . It perfectly makes sense if they

can pair it with local food . Also as one learns and grow older , the palette also changes . The diversity and variety in Indian food , texture spices makes it more interesting .

Kerry adds that it took a long time for Americans to adapt to Red Wines , Its amazing how Indians have accepted it readily. What is needed is more informative and knowledge sharing events like wine tasting sessions.

He added that the areas near the Caspian sea or Mediterranean nations have the best grapes . Compared to these regions it is much harder to grow grapes in sub tropical regions like India .

India is still new to wine industry and it may take a while to adapt to wine culture. But India is taking great leap and is comparable with that of Israel. The role of a wine maker in important in fine making but 80% depends on the quality of grapes and where it is grown.

Our ultimate goal is to produce good wines and make them a part of Indian Cuisine signs off Kerry.


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