Ojamin Welcomes Dr. Girish Oak As Their Brand Ambassador


Further strengthens the brand’s mission of assisting people to fight Diabetes with the ancient study of Ayurveda

PUNE: Ojamin, India’s answer to treat type 2 diabetes which prides its solution on ancient Ayurveda has announced its association with Dr. Girish Oak, who is known for his contribution to the Marathi Film Industry.

Ojamin — a 100% herbal tonic for Type 2 diabetes was founded in 1974 by Mr. L. K. Tate, B.A. LLB, I.R.S. Asst. Collector of Customs. In the early forties, Mr. Tate was diagnosed with diabetes. He resorted to numerous ‘Western medicines’ which had very little effect on him. That is when Mr. Tate referred to Ayurvedic texts for remedies. His learnings ultimately lead to the development of a herbal concoction named ‘Ojamin’ in 1960.

From its onset, Ojamin’s journey has been a pathbreaking one, where it has touched the lives of a number of people in India, providing them with an ayurvedic tonic that controls Type 2 diabetes.

Today, when India has become the diabetes capital of the world, Ojamin has gained more prominence in the market as a tonic that promotes healthy living and as an Ayurvedic supplement that contributes to the overall well-being of individuals.

Commenting on the brand association, Mr. Prasad Tate, Managing Director, Tates Remedies says,

“We as a brand are delighted to have Dr. Girish Oak on board. He shares the same enthusiasm and love for Ayurveda as we at Tates Remedies do! We strongly believe that this association will be an important milestone in our journey, and we are super elated to have him on board.”

Through this unique association with Dr. Girish Oak, who epitomizes reinvention and healthy living, we aim to educate our audiences about Ojamin, and how the regular consumption of this simple Ayurvedic tonic can lead to multiple health benefits.

Commenting on this association, Dr. Girish Oak says,

“Ojamin is a brand I have been consuming for a while now and have been witnessing excellent results. I am very excited to come on board as the brand ambassador or the ‘good health’ ambassador. Mr. Prasad’s passion for Ayurveda and his mission to help diabetics and their families to achieve good health is a cause that needs urgent attention. I am really hoping that together we are able to create more and more awareness about Ayurvedic healing and educate individuals about their benefits.”

Ojamin has been in the market for some time now, but its chapter began back in the Sixties when Mr. L. K. Tate came up with a unique herbal tonic for his own fight against diabetes. At every stage of its life cycle, Ojamin is committed to exceptional quality. It acts as a bridge, bringing together nature’s best secrets, the beauty of Ayurveda, and the modern-day remedies – all in one bottle!


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