Om Puri Promoted ‘Ho Gaya Dimaag Ka Dahi’ in Pune


Pune: The story of Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi is about how a father puts his sons into a situation where they undergo hardships of life, learn about relationships and understands ground reality of life. Ishwar Singh Chauhan (Kader Khan) tries to help his three sons – Harry, Inder and Veeru (HIV) become better human being. While on the verge of death, he asks them to take care of the ‘haveli’ that he has left behind for them. The drama and humor unfolds when they gets to know one family already resides there and meets Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph (Om Puri) and his family. The cat and mouse race begins and while in trying to get back the ‘haveli’,they encounters different people from different walks of life. When Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph shows his adamance of not leaving the ‘haveli’ and asks them to get out, HIV then gets introduced by Masala (Raajpal Yadav) to Aashiq Ali Advocate (Sanjay Mishra) and Teeli Bhai (Razak Khan) who gives them tips and tricks in order to get back their property.

Cast of ‘Ho Gaya Dimag Ka Dahi’-
Kader Khan as Ishwar Singh Chauhan, Om Puri as Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph, Raajpal Yadav as Masala, Sanjay Mishra as Aashiq Ali Advocate, Razak Khan as Teeli Bhai, Amita Nangia as Mujjee, Vijay Patkar as Bawle, Chitrashi Rawat as Sara.

Directed by- Fauzia Arshi, Produced by- Fauzia Arshi and Santosh Bhartiya, Music by – Fauzia Arshi lyrics – Shabbir Ahmed, Anis Ali Sabri, Ravi Chopra.


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