PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne: Shields in the game “might be crap”


European producer of Bloodborne, Jun Yoshino, has unleashed a few juicy details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, while answer some questions on the PlayStation Blog

For starters, the executive points out that shields in the game “might be crap”. In other words, unlike its spiritual predecessors, Bloodborne’s faster paced combat, which is more focussed on offence, has less room for purely defensive techniques, like blocking. “I think some of the more experienced players will figure out straight away that the gun is like a weapon you can parry with,” Yoshino says. “The fire of the gun is like a parry.”

Next up, speaking of the title’s world and how it’s designed, the producer states that “It’s like a hybrid of Demon and Dark Souls.” He continues: “You still have this kind of refuge, this central area you can always retreat back to, but the game world itself is more like Dark Souls, because in Bloodborne it’s all linked together as well – once you venture out, you can effectively go anywhere you want.”

Finally, regarding a query that’s more business-based, Yoshino comments that the studio never tries to make anything purely to gain an audience. “I think what Miyazaki-san and From Software do, they basically just make a game that they think is fun, and I mean that in a good way,” he says. “They are not dictated by the market and still deliver really high quality games – I am really glad that they kind of proven to everybody that these types of games could be successful as well,” the producer continues.

Indeed, it’s good to see tougher titles thrive – after all, variety is the spice of life.


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