Prafful Sarda, filed an RTI application on Income-Tax Raid since 2014


Prafful Sarda, RTI activist, Entreprenuer & owner of an Event management company “The Event Factory” had filed an RTI application with the Ministry of Finance CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) on following issues :

1) After formation of Modi govt in 2014, how many people have been raided by Income-Tax dept ( Including all sectors and political Leaders)

2) how much money is recovered from them.

3) how many people found guilty in those raides

4) how much fine collected from them

5) what action taken against them

6) where the recovered money is used.

On the basis of above query with concern department in 2014-15 – 545 people have been raided, In 2015-16- 447 & in 2016-17( till 31/7/2017) 151 people have been raided by income-tax dept.

in last 3 years more than 1140 people have raided. No doubt modi govt is taking very strict action and keeping ther promise which was mentioned in their menifesto.

with the ref of query 2,3,4 & 5 the above cases are under investigation and after the results concern court will take decisions on those who will found guilty.

for query no-6 suprisingly CBDT investigation branch-1 “No such information available with investigation CBDT branch-I” where the recovered money will be utilized”.

“Modi govt definately taking action and steps as they mentioned in their menifesto but on the other hand there is no exact clarification or information maintained with concern CBDT department thats shokcing. So far Modi govt able to maintain tansperancy between Common-man and govt and we expect same on such issues. Citizen of this country will also appericiate if they disclose names to public Said Prafful Sarda”