Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, Founder & Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Limited

Becomes the first Indian chosen for the honor.

PUNE: Washington D.C.- based Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) announced that Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, founder, and executive chairman, Praj Industries, is selected for the prestigious 2020 George Washington Carver Award for Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology and Agriculture. He is the first Indian and second Asian recipient of this global honor.  Dr. Chaudhari will be honored during a fireside chat at the BIO IMPACT Digital Ag & Environment Conference, on September 22, 2020. 

US-based BIO, the world’s largest trade association of biotechnology with presence in over 30 countries, has instituted this award since 2008 with the help of the Iowa Biotechnology Association (Iowa BIO). The George Washington Carver Award, named after the legendary agricultural scientist, inventor, and environmentalist, is the highest recognition for outstanding contribution in the Industrial Biotechnology sector worldwide.

The award is a befitting acknowledgment of Dr. Chaudhari’s exemplary leadership and contribution towards building a bio-based economy.  His entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering endeavors have helped establish a sustainable eco-system in industrial biotechnology.  Dr. Chaudhari’s tireless efforts in environmental science, biorefining, and developing bio-based products that enhance the rural economy are seen as the furtherance of Carver’s legacy.

 “The BIO IMPACT award winner represents leadership in advancing the bioeconomy,” said Stephanie Batchelor, Vice President of BIO’s Industrial and Environmental Section. “Pramod’s vision has shown biotechnology’s vast potential in solving ever-increasing challenges- from the current coronavirus pandemic to addressing climate change to establishing an economy cantered around sustainability. I’m proud to recognize him with this extraordinary honor.”

As an awardee, Dr. Chaudhari joins an elite club of renowned industry captains, distinguished professors, accomplished government officials, and agri experts around the world.

As the highest form of international recognition, it reaffirms India’s technology prowess while acknowledging Dr. Chaudhari as the global brand ambassador for the industry. 

“I am honored to accept this award and feel humbled that my work in the bioeconomy resonates with the pioneering spirit of George Washington Carver. This recognition is a testament to 35 years of sustained efforts towards the causes of innovation and technology. My passion for the planet, people, and prosperity has led Team Praj to derive value from agri-processing and support the rural economy by offering sustainable end-to-end solutions. I dedicate this award to the focused endeavors by team Praj and everyone across the world who directly and indirectly participated in the journey to nurture a sustainable future”, said Dr. Chaudhari on the development.

The annual Carver award serves as a lasting memorial to the original vision of George Washington Carver who, over a century ago, pioneered bio-based products, materials, and energy derived from the renewable agricultural feedstock.

Industrial biotechnology is the modern-day equivalent of Carver’s vision.


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