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PUBG MOBILE continues to raise the bar for users with yet another innovative in-game event. The ability to craft a gun unique to a player is one of the most exciting features PUBG MOBILE has ever created, but now you can win UC on your creations too! PUBG MOBILE is calling on talented players to share their creative designs, in the form of tutorial videos, perfect gun skin design, or even unique stickers. The top 3 players who are selected will be awarded UC points!

The prize will be allotted in the following manner:

  • Top1 1500UC
  • Top2 1000UC
  • Top3 500UC

Here’s is how you can become a pro at Gun craft and make the perfect finish:

Open your screen and select the weapon you want to craft with, for users that don’t have weapons, you can complete a quest to get your hands on one.

Users will then see four layouts. The first two can be used for free, but you will have to spend 300 UC and 900 UC respectively, to unlock the other two.

Tap the second layout to start crafting. The first thing you have to do is select the color and texture you want to use. Players can either change the color of the entire gun or just the muzzle, the middle part of the gun, the stock, or just the butt end of the gun according to what you prefer. 

You then go on to changing the emblem. There are two options, system-generated emblems or player-designed emblems. The system generated emblems that come with the game can be drawn as a prize from the front page of gun craft, while player designed emblems are those that players make themselves, but players can only design up to ten emblems. Players can choose different emblems but some need to be unlocked with paint and apply various colors. You can stack up to 10 emblems to create a composite emblem. Once this is done, you can start generating custom emblems. Finally, apply your custom emblem to the weapon you’re crafting.

Lastly, don’t forget to save the layout you have made. You can then return to the crafting screen to see if the gun you have made matches your personality and style

If you’re happy with the final outcome, spend some UC and buy your own unique weapon!

Here is a video you can watch, to help you make the perfect weapon:


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