Pune-Based Author’s Book ‘Declaring Breakdowns’ released in USA


Declaring Breakdowns, a new leadership book by Pune based author Sameer Dua was officially released in Boulder, USA on the 1st of October. The book has received outstanding reviews in India and it set a record by going into its second print run in the first week of its release in India.

Oct, 05, 2016: Bob Dunham, Founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership, and a world-renowned thought leader released the book in Boulder, Colorado. While releasing the book, Dunham stated, “This phenomenon of breakdowns is such an important part of our everyday life in our culture. According to our current understanding breakdowns are problems, an impediment that prevent us from going forward in our life and all we want to do is fix them to get back to the way it was.

We have to get out of our old way of looking, and see that a breakdown is a moment of a new possibility in our life. And this book ‘Declaring Breakdowns’ will reveal this power to you. When we look at people we admire in the world; leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs – they are actually addressing breakdowns in a new way.

What is fundamental to declaring breakdowns as a skill and a practice is that you see that you have the innate power to intervene in the drift of your life, to respond to any interruption of the flow of your life and to create inflection points to a new future at any moment. This is literally available to all of us.”

The book was released amongst a community of senior ontological coaches and consultants who work with leaders of organizations. Sameer Dua was ecstatic with the response he received in the US and stated, “I am grateful for the outstanding response received and I am delighted that this new leadership move of Declaring Breakdowns is being widely appreciated. Whether it is an individual, a team, an organization or even a nation – Declaring Breakdowns is a powerful leadership move of breaking the old flow of life and designing a new future that matters.

To have my book released and to share my thoughts with such an august group of experienced coaches and consultants is a matter great honour for me.”

Heather Neely, a senior coach of business leaders in the Silicon Valley in her Facebook post after the launch stated, “This book (Declaring Breakdowns) needs to be in the hands of every coach and every human leader.”

Declaring Breakdowns was launched in India on the 9th of August by Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson, Biocon.






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