Pune prodigy contributes to Swachh Kashi – Modi’s pet project


Pune: Pune is now playing a pivotal role in the PM’s plans to create a clean and healthy Kashi in the form of our very own Parag Agarwal’s Supremus Group that is now leading the implementation of JanaJal Kashi. This is a unique initiative that includes setting up of drinking water ATMs and providing bio-toilets using indigenous technology developed by DRDO at all the 84 ghats in Varanasi.

The project has received complete support of RSS backed NGO My Home India founded by Sunil Deodhar, who was also previously incharge of Narendra Modi’s election campaign in Varanasi.

The Supremus Group has recently received the national Responsible Business award for Environment Sustainability.

Parag, who hails from Pune, is an acknowledged expert in Emerging Technologies and has been a pioneer in ushering in innovative technologies for over two decades in the fields if Information Technology, Waste and Water Management, agri logistics and bulk grain storage of foodgrains, Drinking Water and Sanitation, and Homeland Security. He is a well known speaker and author of repute besides being a regular panelist on national television as an expert on disaster management and smart cities.

JanaJal – a national undertaking of the Supremus Group, aims to deliver prosperity to millions of households across the country by giving them access to clean, safe drinking water – is Parag’s brainchild and being flagged off from Kashi.

The JanaJal Kashi project aims to build automatic safe drinking water vending points along with one ‘Bio-digester’ based toilet at all the 84 ghats of Kashi. JanaJal Kashi, a part of Modi’s Swachh Kashi campaign, is all set to roll out from Hanuman Ghat in August 2015.

The water vending machines which will dispense safe drinking water 24 x 7 are aimed at providing a service to the poor who cannot afford costly, packaged drinking water. The water which will be dispensed in glasses and unsealed containers will bear a nominal charge of Rs One or Two per litre. However, initially the service will be free.

With tremendous support and use of technology, JanaJal Kashi is poised to usher in a revolution of wellness in the lives of every citizen of our country. With daily access to clean, safe drinking water and suitable sanitation, millions across the country can now expect a sustainable lifestyle free of diseases and epidemics thereby leading to health, wealth and prosperity in their lives.

And Kashi is only the beginning. Parag and his A team at Supremus are already preparing the blue print for implementation of JanaJal across the country to make it an integral part of the country’s fabric.

India stands at the cusp of a health revolution. And every Puneite should be proud that it all started right here, with a local prodigy who believed that fusing technology into daily life can create massive social impact and make a difference to the life of every citizen of our country.


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