Quick Tips To Air Travel Peacefully Along With Expensive Luggage

Air Travel

When traveling via air, taking care of your stuff can be a whole lot of challenges. Since you don’t have access to your baggage all the time and there’s quite a lot of luggage at airports, keeping track becomes difficult. And of course, this very fact can keep you worried all the time, particularly when it comes to the expensive stuff.

Well, this post aims to provide some handy tips regarding the very subject. With these, you can not only cut out all that unnecessary worry but also quite smartly avoid those time-consuming questions regarding your expensive luggage.

Opt for Unique Baggage

When packing for travel, everyone knows that the necessities go into the carry-on or hand-carry bag.  Everything else goes into the luggage bags.

However, in the case of handling the expensive items, it would be wiser to take things differently. You should store all your expensive items in a carry-on bag.

Putting them in the luggage bags can pose a lot of dangers.  While checking, the items may get squished, misplaced, and even stolen.

But, does this mean storing all the essentials in other bags?  Certainly not!

You can opt for special carry-ons with larger capacity and compartments. This way, you can accommodate everything in one place and say farewell to all the worries!

Expensive Items should go into the Carry-On

When traveling, your carry-on is your partner. It’s a piece of luggage that you can carry with you. Hence, of course, it is the piece you can rely upon.

It can come in handy to pack your expensive cosmetic products and perfumes, as you’ll have access to it at all times. Similarly, you can pack in your precious jewels, ornaments, and of course, delicate gifts. Ensure that you wrap breakable stuff in bubble wrap, so they do not break.

Be Ready for Customs

When returning from the holidays, you come back with bags full of different gadgets and items. At that point, you may not be energized as you were at the hour of going. However, if you are not careful about the things that you have brought with you, it can be problematic for you when you will reach the customs department at the airport terminal.

So, it is important that you must have knowledge about customs rules and regulations. You cannot say that you are not aware of the customs rules. The officials will charge heavy duty on the luxurious items you are carrying.

Avoid Packing the Forbidden Stuff

As you pack your expensive stuff, be it your backup wristwatches, or your camera, make sure that you remove their batteries. Airports do not permit luggage with lithium-ion batteries. Hence, it’s best to carry these in your hand carry. Also, avoid packing flammable stuff. Check all your goods for this property.

Keep the Documentary Evidence of your Items

Most of us take our documents for granted. Well, we receive them without any trouble. They are present as we grow up, which lowers their value in our subconscious minds. 

However, it is only when we lose them when we have to run over to the documentation departments that we realize how truly important these papers are. These documents take a lot of time and effort. It makes them expensive in today’s hectic world. 

So, you should pay attention to the document’s security when traveling.  Store them in a transparent and lockable bag.  Also, place them in a zippered compartment for ultimate safety.

Keep Electronic Guidelines in Check

Do you have lots of gadgets to take with you on your travels?  Laptops, cameras, headphones, and any other electronics that you are taking count as expensive items.

It is simply because you invest in these things once, and buying them constantly can seriously strain your pockets.  Even if you don’t, the security at the airport is going to count it as expensive items.

These people will do a thorough check-up of bags with the electronics, which can get difficult to handle.  To ease things, you can accommodate all these electronics in a single bag. 

You can store all the gadgets in one and the rest of the junk stuff in another.  Hence, the security department will screen and conduct a detailed examination of one bag only. You get to conserve both time and money!

Clear the Clutter

Well, the easiest way to take care of your high-end goods without fretting unnecessarily is to carry them only. Of course, we do not mean that you should drop everything else. What we mean here is that you should drop every extra thing. To give you an idea, let’s consider something tiny but costly that could create a needle in a haystack issue where you lose it in the clutter.

Say you’re carrying a diamond ring and about 10-15 other daily-wear rings. In this case, we’d advise you to drop out as many as possible, only carry the ones you’d actually. Or, if that leaves you in an indecisive state, consider carrying the two separately. One box for the usual wear and one for your diamond. This is also a handy approach towards clearing the clutter.

In this way, you can easily keep track of the things you’re carrying and pay all your attention to the costly stuff. Plus, by downsizing, your luggage becomes compact and easier to handle.

Maintain a List

Keeping a record always helps. Before you head to the airport, ensure that you enlist every single thing that you are carrying. Now, keep a copy of this in your backpack, as close to you as possible. You can even click pictures of your valuable stuff and keep it as a record with yourself. We would advise doing the same with overall luggage at the airport. In this way, if your bags or suitcases go missing, you will have proof with yourself to make a claim.


Lastly, but very importantly, just like you insure your cars to recover the loss in case of accidental damage to your vehicle, get your expensive items insured if possible. Note that most travel insurance policies do not cover all the items that you’re carrying. And most of these also do not cover lower bound high-end gadgets.

You know, the ones that are only a few dollars above the thousand-dollar figure. In any case, you should thoroughly evaluate the insurance policy, customize it as per your needs (of course, ask your agent to do so!), and get it all insured. So, even if the goods are lost or get damaged, you can easily recover the loss.