RailYatri reports Top 5 trains that fill up the fastest in Pune


 Pune-Manduadih Gyan Ganga SF Exp fills up within first 9 days


Pune, 10thAugust, 2018: Popular travel app – RailYatri has launched yet another useful feature called Rush-o-meter. This feature makes sure that eager passengers do not miss out on buying confirmed tickets. Using historic data and Machine Learning algorithms, RailYatri predicts the speed of ticket booking in all long distance trains; i.e. how soon tickets get sold out on each train. Depending on this booking rate, in some trains, tickets are sold out within 10-12 days after booking opens while in others, tickets are available for months after booking opens.


Mr Manish Rathi, CEO & Co-Founder said “This feature significantly increases the chances of getting a confirmed ticket since travellers will now know the exact time within which they have to book the available tickets. So, if there are 53 seats available, the feature will predict how soon these seats would be sold out. This works as an alarm for travellers who are planning to buy tickets for future travel.”


The chart below shows that among all trains starting from Pune, 22131 Pune – Manduadih Gyan Ganga SF Express gets filled up fastest; i.e 3A tickets from Pune on this train gets sold out within 9 days after booking opens.



TOP 5 Trains in which tickets get sold out the fastest


Train Number Train Name Class Time to Fill seats (in days)
22131 Pune – Manduadih Gyan Ganga SF Express 3A 9
11037 Pune – Gorakhpur Express 3A 16
22943 Pune – Indore SF Express 3A 20
11407 Pune – Lucknow Express SL 20
22845 Pune – Hatia SF Express 3A 22


Depending on the booking rate of each train, which determines how many tickets are sold every hour on a particular train, RailYatri data also shows trains which take the longest time to get filled. As mentioned in the chart below, seats in 11096 Pune- Ahmedabad Ahimsa Express are available even on the day of journey.



Top 5 trains in which tickets are available for longer days

Train Number Train Name Class Time to Fill seats (in days)
11096 Pune – Ahmedabad Ahimsa Express SL 120
12493 Pune – Delhi H Nizamuddin AC SF Exp 3A 120
12221 Pune – Howrah AC Duronto Express 3A 118
12850 Pune – Bilaspur SF Express SL 117
11092 Pune – Bhuj Express SL 116


This feature is a major innovation in train travel as getting a confirmed ticket is still the biggest struggle for one and all. This insight can be checked for all trains and route on the RailYatri app. According to an earlier study done by RailYatri, over 10 lakh travellers fail to get confirmed tickets everyday!   


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