Real Men, Respect Women: Harley Davidson riders creates awareness


Pune: Pune Harley Davidson Bikers showed their immense support for Dr. Maral Yazarloo, highest mileage female Harley Rider in India with over 60000 to her credit and her initiative of “Real men, respect women” ride.

8000 Harley riders from all over India were invited to participate.

The Pune ride kicked off at Harley Davidson showroom in Amanora Township at 9 am, on 8th March to honor women and to remind young boys who idolize riders and Harley bikes, that being cool, means being respectful to women.

A brainchild of Maral Yazarloo, an officer of “Pune Two Rivers” chapter of Harley Davidson, the event was attended and supported by a number of riders and enthusiasts.

Maral Yazarloo said:” I am extremely happy to see such an amazing response, the male riders have been most supportive of this message and that means a lot. It is important to create awareness and give a message in whichever way you can. For me riding is a passion and I take it very seriously and respecting women is naturally most important to me. This initiative combined the two to create awareness and give the right message”

Anaida Parvaneh, strong supporter of the message and Maral, “In the wake of the assaults towards women coming to light in the recent years. These kinds of initiatives are very important in helping change the mindset of the young boys. We all know that they idolize these bikes and riders and they believe them to be the most “manly”. This is to remind them that being a real man means respecting and supporting women”

Many chapters of Harley Davidson across India showed up in support. In Dhera Dhun, despite the bad weather and heavy rain, Over 40 riders still showed up strong to support the cause lead by 19 year old Anushriya Gulati who has already completed over 20000 Kms on the road so far.

Maral said: “Am so proud of her. This is the kind of strong women we would like to support and the kind of men whose support is precious to us.”