Remedinet and Bajaj Allianz join hands to provide real time cashless health insurance claims processing – first in the industry


Bangalore: Remedinet Technologies, a cloud-based platform that processes cashless health insurance claims data in real-time and through a completely electronic platform has partnered with Bajaj Allianz, a premier general insurance provider in India. By electronically integrating Bajaj Allianz’s platform with Remedinet’s, all cashless health insurance claims will be adjudicated using a seamless and end-to-end platform that increases efficiency and reduces multiple to-and-fros. This integration will result in the elimination of manual methods of processing data and significantly bring down the turnaround time to benefit the policyholders tremendously.

At present, when a patient with a health insurance policy gets admitted into a hospital that offers cashless claim settlement service, the hospital staff e-mails the patient details and policy Id to the insurer and waits for the approval. Similarly, all other information, documents and approval exchange involved takes place manually through e-mails/Fax, etc. These processes being manual are prone to errors and delays and thus, lead to a higher turnaround time.

With Remedinet’s technology, these processes go from offline to online where the data entered by the hospital staff flows into Bajaj Allianz’s platform electronically through Remedinet. Thus, when the patient arrives he/she does not have to wait as member validation happens real-time by entering only the member Id in to the system. And, Bajaj Allianz is the first insurance company that has implemented electronic member validation using only the member Id on Remedinet’s platform. Similarly, all following information and documents are exchanged and processed electronically for a quick response time.

“In our quest to continuously improve our customer service, we have partnered with Remedinet’s platform to further streamline our cashless claim settlement process and reduce manual intervention. This partnership will help us reduce the turnaround time for responding to queries by 40 to 50% initially. It will result in quicker settlement of claims, patients will be discharged faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction which, in turn will lead to optimal utilization of hospital beds and other resources – a win-win situation for everyone.” said Suresh Sugathan, Head Health Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

“It has always been our endeavor to bring efficiency and accuracy to healthcare insurance claims adjudication and with Remedinet’s strong cloud-based technology we are trying to achieve just that. With this association, Bajaj Allianz health insurance policyholders will experience a transparent, more efficient and accurate cashless claims adjudication process.” said Munish Daga, CEO at Remedinet Technologies.

With the PM’s Digital India Mission working towards eliminating the need to physically store and manage data, technology such as Remedinet is a step forward in automating the healthcare insurance claims process. Remedinet’s cloud-based technology makes it possible to capture, collate and organize data electronically, which can be used to analyze how consumers are utilizing insurance policies. Availability of such smart data can help to preempt consumer needs and draft health policies that are designed to adequately address the future healthcare needs.


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