“Ride To Be One” Dr. Maral Yazarloo and Pankaj Trivedi take on a motorbiking Journey across the Seven Continents


Pune, March 12, 2017: For quite a number of people, riding a motorcycle is an everyday thing while for others; it’s a way of life. Now imagine doing that across multiple continents. Tiring much isn’t it? Well it’s tiring but worth it! Motorbiking across multiple international boundaries is an exhilarating experience. It is an once in a life time opportunity for any biker. Here we have Dr. Maral Yazarloo and Pankaj Trivedi who are all set to take on the journey “Ride to be One” which will commence on March 15, 2017Ride to be One will be a journey where they will be riding & travelling for about a year and a half across the seven continents, which covers approximately more than 50 countries. Covering the seven continents on the bike will make Dr. Maral and Pankaj the second in the world to attempt such an intense adventure. The main sponsor of Ride To Be One is Panchshil Realty, the support for their ride.


Iran-born Dr. Maral Yazarloo is a global citizen currently calling India her home. Having excelled at academics, sports and art right from her childhood, her journey of life has led her to designing. With a PhD in Marketing, and a successful corporate career, she leads Retail -Marketing at Panchshil Realty, one of India’s premier realty developers. Balancing her corporate career with an artistic streak, she has showcased her paintings at five exhibitions on ceramic and canvas in Iran and India. She studied Design in Milan and went on to follow her bliss, thus creating the brand “Maral Yazarloo’’ which was launched in Paris and thereafter successfully show cased in Rome, London and Dubai.


With a passion for travel and biking, Maral has backpacked across 67 countries around the world. She has also biked solo from Italy to the Alps. She has been aptly called “Queen of Super bikes” in India. Dr. Maral has founded the first ladies superbike club in India ‘’Lady Riders of India”. She is the First lady owner of Ducati and BMW GS in India.


Maral now looks forward to one of the biggest adventure of her life- “Ride to be One” with her fellow rider friend- Pankaj Trivedi who is the owner of an outdoor pursuits and corporate training company named Outdoors Learning, that has been responsible for addressing the training needs of over 250 corporates, Indian as well as global. An avid photographer traveler & passionate biker is the best way to describe Pankaj.


Pankaj has the record of having ridden his bike to the highest altitude of 5713 meters. In 2007 Pankaj rode from Kanya Kumari to Leh in 5 days,5 hours and 45 Minutes and broke a Limca Book of Record. His journey has been a rather exhilarating one and it has further fueled his hunger for new challenges and now

Pankaj wishes to travel across 7 continents on his motorcycle.


Why ‘Ride To Be One’? Both, Maral and Pankaj after having achieved the prestigious benchmarks in life as per the social norms- great professional achievements and establishing a successful life, they realized that nothing made them happier than being on their bikes.


Whilst covering various countries, we will be marking the number of tribes in each country that are slowly diminishing. We are going to be spending time with the different tribes and understand and document their food and culture, design of their clothes and accessories, the structure of their huts, and understand the reason behind their beliefs”, said the two riders.


Route Details: Their Route covers the continents of Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and North & South America. They are also thinking of including the Road of Bones as a part of the route to be taken. Road of Bones is known to be the most challenging route for any biker in the world.



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