Rs. 410 Crore Allocated to Frequently Drought Affected and over Exploited & Notified Ground Water Blocks


In the recent years, there has been a change in the rainfall pattern in the country.  Number of rainfall events have been reduced which has resulted in longer dry spells.  In many parts of the country, it has become a perennial problem of longer dry spells resulting in drought and drought like situation.  In addition to the issue of scarcity of rain, there are few areas in the country where not only rainfall is limited but also due to over exploitation of ground water beyond rechargeable limit, has resulted in rapid depletion of ground water table.  Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) through dynamic assessment of ground water has identified 1071 blocks/talukas under over exploited category which needs immediate special attention for water conservation and ground water recharge.  CGWB has also notified about 150 blocks/talukas as most vulnerable areas suggesting regulated and cautious use of ground water.  These blocks witness serious scarcity of water and are vulnerable even to sustain drinking water requirement unless addressed for ground water recharge and its regulated use.  It has also been observed that 219 districts in the country have been frequently affected by drought in the recent past.  These areas are witnessing regular agrarian crisis and the farmers are in the state of distressed condition, requiring special attention and support for a durable & sustainable solution.    All these have affected agriculture very adversely on ground and farmers in particular.


Realizing the gravity of situation, under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY), Government of India made an effort for the first time to identify the most vulnerable areas that require immediate attention for water conservation, harvesting and ground water recharge.  The perennially drought affected districts along with the over exploited and notified blocks by CGWB have been considered for special treatment to improve the condition of underground water, to improve soil moisture regime and to create micro water storages for protective irrigation during longer dry spells. Department of Agriculture and Cooperation has allocated a sum of Rs. 410 crores during the current year to minimize the impact of drought and improving the ground water recharge.


State wise allocation :

Sl. States Alloction

(Rs. in Crore)

1 Andhra Pradesh 16.89
2 Telengana 13.20
3 Bihar 17.22
4 Chattisgarh 0.14
5 Gujarat 5.48
6 Haryana 21.21
7 Himachal Pradesh 8.38
8 Jharkhand 17.32
9 Karnataka 40.96
10 Kerala 8.38
11 Madhya Pradesh 22.65
12 Maharashtra 20.87
13 Orissa 3.74
14 Punjab 46.36
15 Rajasthan 69.00
16 Tamil Nadu 64.42
17 Uttarakhand 6.74
18 Uttar Pradesh 26.06
19 Daman & Diu 0.14
20 Pondicherry 0.84
Total 410.00


Source: PIB


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