Samson controls inaugurates its housing complex for employees


Pune: Samson Controls Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) a 100% owned subsidiary of Samson AG, Frankfurt which has two manufacturing units in Ranjangaon, Pune and eight sales offices and three service centres all over India added another feather in its cap.

Dr. Nikolaus Hensel, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Samson AG Germany; Dr. Erhard Scheidt, Vice–Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Samson AG Germany; Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board of Samson AG Germany visited India on 08thSeptember to inaugurate the Samson Housing Project in Talegaon Dhamdere, facilitating the employees a good housing facility and good access to Schools, Hospitals, Markets apart from easy commute to the Samson factory in Ranjangaon.

Few of the products manufactured are Globe Type Control Valves, Self-Actuated Pressure Regulating Valves, Self-Actuated Temperature Regulating Valves, Differential Flow Meter, Pneumatic / Electrical Analog and Smart Positioners. Along with these products Samson Controls also offers Butterfly valves, Ball valves and Segmented Ball valves, PTFE/PFA lined valves, and many other types of valves of the Samson Group of Companies.

“We will make products in India which are needed by the market. This can be done by transplantation of these product lines from Europe to India. We believe in the Make in India campaign & have been practising it for the past 5 years. In the next 5-10 years, time horizon, we will invest more to participate in the India growth story” said, Mr. Atul Raje, MD of Samson Controls Pvt. Ltd.

On an expansion course, Samson Controls inaugurated its second unit in 2013 to cater to the rising demand in the Indian Market, for project planning and services of international EPC projects. As part of its continuous engagement with its employees, Mr. Atul Raje, Managing Director of Samson Controls Pvt; Ltd, took up the responsibility of planning a housing campus close to the factory. This has been done under the umbrella of Samson Trust. We feel it is extremely necessary to have a motivated and committed team to keep our growth consistent, if our team members have to face the daily challenges of electricity, clean water & sanitation, security & safe transport for their growing families after working hours. To resolve this in an appropriate way, we think our HSG project for our employees & their families would be a big contribution.

The cost of production in India is very high as of today which needs to drastically reduced through a transparent system and reasonable labour law reform. “Thus I feel the new government should increase their spendings” says Mr. Atul Raje, Managing Director of Samson Controls Pvt; Ltd. He also adds, “I see the parliamentary logjam as a deterrent for the growth as the non-functioning parliamentary system is not good for the country in short term and long term, any delay of decision are not good for fast moving country like India.”

We plan to grow steadily with double digit growth figures. Our focus on Power, Fertilizers, Mid and Down stream in O&G will be the focus along with our traditional business segment in process industry. (Chemical, food, beverage and pharma)

In tune with the skill development supported by India government, we will roll out our skills programme which is the typical dual education program in Germany which is one of the best in the world. With this, we will generate new talent not only for ourselves, but for the Industry as a whole. Today we have a very active trainee program, which is welcomed by the local engineering colleges in and around Pune.


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