Satiate your monsoon chai-time cravings with tastier and healthier Cornitos Crusties

Cornitos Crusties

NEW DELHI: Monsoon and snacks, can there be a better combination? When the sky is overcast and you can hear the thunder rumbling, it’s an instinct to get something tasty and tangy to munch on, accompanied by a hot cup of Chai, of course! To keep in the spirit of the rainy season, Cornitos brings to you a tastier, tangier, and healthier range of Crusties. This delectable lot of Cornitos Crusties is baked to provide you with a guilt-free munching experience while enjoying the pleasant rainy season.

Indulge in guilt-free snacking with the flavorsome collection of Cornitos Crusties available in six variants. Drive down the chatpata chaat memory lane with tangilicious Chana Crusties in flavors of Cheesy Garlic and Dili Chaat. Reminisce your weekend cravings on a weekday with Rajma Crusties Rajma with the piquant Lemon Chilli and King Curry flavors. Pat down the mid-week blues with subtle and spicy Potato Crusties, striking the perfect balance of taste-palette with Italian Cheese and Peri-Peri flavors.

The rains make us nostalgic and often lead us to binge-watching our favorite movies. Cornitos Crusties can be your perfect binge partner for cozy rainy days. So what are you waiting for, enjoy the exciting MUNCH20 offer on your favorite snack buddy?


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