SCHUTZEN Chemical group successfully validates its Anti-microbial & Anti-Viral textile finish SCHUTZENKILL-XCOV


The Silver Free, Anti-Viral textile finish inactivates 99.9% Human coronavirus HCoV 229E, (Surrogate for SARS CoV-2) COVID-19

MUMBAI: Indian Textile Specialty chemical manufacturer, SCHUTZEN Chemical group has successfully validated its Anti-microbial & Anti-Viral textile finish SCHUTZENKILL-XCOVas per ISO 18184:2019 protocol which was found to be effective to inactivate 99.9% Human Coronavirus 229EHCoV-229E (Surrogate for SARS CoV-2, COVID-19). SCHUTZENKILL-XCOV was tested at Situ biosciences USA, which is an accredited ISO 17025 Laboratory. 

It has been reported that Silver ions & Silane quaternary ammonium compounds are highly bio-accumulative & ubiquitous in nature, while Zinc pyrithione chemistry was found to be highly toxic. SCHUTZENKILL-XCOVis developed using Amine chemistry which doesn’t contain any quaternary ammonium compounds, silver, or halogen groups. This makes the product extremely sustainable & environmentally friendly. 

Mr. Mahendra Tanna; Business strategist & Mentor; Retired MD. Specialty Chemicals
B. Sc., B.Sc.( Tech) (Textile Chemistry), D.M.S., M.M.M., C.Col.( SDC),
FSDC said, “Congratulations to Raj Tanna and SCHÜTZEN to have achieved this feat. It reflects a very innovative scientific approach. I am sure this product will help many customers in India and abroad to reach their anti-viral finishes in a very environmentally friendly way.”

Mr. Raj Mahendra Tanna; Founder & Director; SCHUTZEN CHEMICAL GROUPsaid  “SCHUTZENKILL-XCOV is sustainable chemistry from the future with proven efficacy against viruses as well as gram-positive & negative bacteria. This  chemistry will prove to be useful even after the COVID-19 Pandemic ends across multiple textile applications.”  


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