Set out on a culinary adventure with ‘WORLD BURGER TOUR 2017′ at Hard Rock Cafe this season


The 3rd edition of Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour is back, and ready to take guests on an international adventure– no passport necessary! Burgers from across the globe are at Hard Rock Café only in June & July. Enjoy taste and flavors from Cafe locations around the world – A gamut of local legendary burgers like the French Veg. Riviera Burger, Mexican Veg Quesadilla Burger, The US Tennessee BBQ Burger, and The Sucker Punch Burger from Las Vegas, Argentinian Tango Salsa Burger etc. from across the globe on the menu, paired with lip tantalizing cocktails the festival is sure to take you on a delectable tour.

Aspiring musicians, comedians, story tellers, poets, dancers get an added advantage this year as they can dazzle the Hard Rock stage and get a chance to Earn Your Burger at all outlets with an assured 20% discount on burgers.

Venue: Hard Rock Cafe Pune

Date: 1st June 2017- 31st July 2017