Shree Sain Miss World America 2021 in Conversation with NRINews24x7

Shree Saini

Q. What were your thoughts when your name was announced? 

Grateful humbled indebted 
Were you expecting to win? I prayed and worked very hard for the last 10 years in my nonprofit projects I was hoping for God’s favor.

Q.  How challenging was the finale?

I had worked very sincerely I did not take a single day off in the last 3 years being a heart patient is a challenge but I find solutions around my life’s challenges.

Q. What do you think helped you win?

God’s blessings guidance of my mentors, teachers coaches, and past directors 

Q. How did you prepare for the pagent in the last year?

I have been preparing since age 6  when I first dressed as Miss World My KG teacher Mamta Ji still remembers that.

Q. Who did you first speak to after winning the pageant? 

My grandparents in Punjab

Shree Saini
Shree Saini Miss World America 2021

Q. How did you stay motivated during the lockdown? 

Taking moment-by-moment decisions, finding joy in little things of life, by doing my events in zoom. Speaking engagements via zoom Reading books watching motivation videos

Q. An important lesson you learned in the pandemic that you want to share

Human beings do well when together, people mistook social distancing as social isolation. We were told to stay distant but we were not told to stay away, while maintaining health guidelines, we can still meet outside in parks and bring joy and support to each other

Q. Does having a pacemaker restrict you in any way?

Yes every month a heart check-up with my Cardiologist Every 10 years a heart surgery but I find solutions and work 10 hours each day 

Q. How do you stay fit?  How many hours do you work out in a day?

I walk with my puppy Charlie

Q. How do you plan to optimize this opportunity?
For me This is a service job, I humbly want to make the most impact by doing more service projects 

Q. How are you going to celebrate? What are your plans?
I will keep you all posted

Q.Your advice/message to young girls

  • Choose love over bitterness
  • Choose sincere conversation over assumptions or gossip 
  • Choose forgiveness over grudges 
  • Choose kindness when given unkind treatment 
  • Choose big heart when given hurtful behavior
  • Choose Inclusion when you were ignored 
  • Choose to *Rise Up* every time so you can inspire others to rise up rather than being stuck in normal behavior 
  • Choose joy and overlook offensesChoose to “Reach out” and renew lost friendships
  • Choose to uplift when tempted to find faults
  • Choose to wake up every day with a Pure loving heart
  • Pray for the entire world in your prayers not just your own family


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