SOCH Foods Launches its Healthy Breakfast and Mid Meal Snacking Brand Munchilicious in Pune

SOCH Foods
Healthy Breakfast and Mid Meal Snacking Brand Munchilicious
  • Now present in more than 50+ premium retail stores across Pune
  • Also expanding its presence in Bengaluru
  • Contains wholesome ingredients that promote good health

PUNE: Healthy Breakfast and cereal start-up Munchilicious (A Soch Foods LLP Brand) has already made its mark in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi, the brand is now opening its wings to reach out to consumers in Pune, India.

Munchilicious Granolas has already made its way into 50+ retail stores in Pune. People in Pune can now enjoy this lip-smacking healthy granola in three variants such as Original, Dried Fruits, and Dark Chocolate. These products are available on various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, and many more. In the coming months, Munchilicious will also mark its presence in 35 more stores in Pune.

Mr. Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Founder & CEO, Munchilicious Granola (A SOCH Foods LLP Product), said, “Munchilicious is now a household name for healthy breakfast cereal and we are extremely gratified by the response we have received. In the wake of this pandemic, we are expanding our presence to spread awareness about the importance of conscious eating and a healthy lifestyle. We are happy that we are able to reach consumers on a wide scale through our new retail expansion plans. We also look forward to expanding to other parts of the state in the coming future.”

Keeping in mind the importance of distribution, Munchilicious is solely focusing on the traditional distribution model and will associate with premium A+ stores, supermarkets, and nutrition shops in Pune. Since the product is highly appreciated by everyone in the Metro cities, to create awareness Munchilicious will adopt a sampling method to reach out to the right target group. Apart from this, retail collateral will play a major role in product marketing and promotion.

Considering that Pune has been one of the first cities in the State of Maharashtra to open offices, gyms, and sports facilities, Munchilicious has gone one step ahead to assist customers in their endeavor to stay healthy and eat right by launching its 40 gm pack in the market. While the existing 500 gm pack makes up for a wholesome breakfast and healthy snack, the new smaller pack is a great on-the-go munchie with the same nutrient values.

Munchilicious is a brand of Soch Foods LLP that aims to usher in a healthy food lifestyle in general and particularly for the new-age, health-conscious, as well as time-starved working professionals. Over a short period, Munchilicious has made its way to leading retail platforms across India, such as Nature’s Basket, Spencers, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. Presently, Munchilicious Granola is available in the popular variants of Dried Fruits, Original, Grain-Free, Desi-Twist, and Dark Chocolate. Consumers can enjoy Munchilicious Granola directly out of the box and also with milk, ice-cream, yogurt, smoothies, and protein shakes, amongst others. All Munchilicious products are tested in Asia’s trusted and well-known Lab TUV SUD and are ISO22000 certified. Mrs. Purvi Pugalia, the co-promoter of SOCH Foods, is the Master Chef of Munchilicious Granola, who supervises the taste and quality aspects of the brand.


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