TATA ClassEdge announces the launch of Virtual ClassEdge


Mumbai, 15th June 2020 – Tata ClassEdge recently launched its new offering ‘Virtual ClassEdge’. The current situation around COVID – 19 in India calls for innovative and easy solutions. The lockdown of schools across the country has disrupted education and the only solution is to move online and adapt to the new normal. As the Ed-tech industry is moving ahead to make education available at home. Tata ClassEdge in line with this believes that learning must go on, and with this belief, at its core, it has launched the new offering Virtual ClassEdge the best-in-class tool for virtual teaching and learning. 

On this occasion of product launch Tata ClassEdge CEO, Mr. Milind Shahane said, “Virtual ClassEdge (VCE) is an innovative offering from Tata ClassEdge (TCE) which creates a Virtual Class Room or Virtual School online for any school. It allows teachers to access CE content and seamlessly teach this to his or her class of students, monitor them, test them, and do many other things in an integrated manner from the same CE platform. It is something that strongly allows the school to continue online teaching and learning in this crisis and continue it in the future by allowing flexibility to switch back and forth from physical to virtual school as the situation demands. Truly it is something we want schools to adopt since we fully believe that “Learning Must Go On” and TCE will endeavour to give the best of digital tools and products and the service support to help schools provide continuous and effective teaching and learning to their students.”

A comprehensive tool for virtual teaching-learning.

It includes:

  • A video conferencing platform that allows teachers to conduct interactive online classes using mapped ClassEdge digital content
  • Student access to ClassEdge digital content for learning to continue even after classes
  • Integrated Digital Pedagogy (IDP) training to make teachers ready for virtual teaching


  • Mapped ClassEdge content for teachers & students
  • Secured and authorized access
  • Remote access, anytime and anywhere
  • Digital whiteboard with virtual connect
  • Attendance marking
  • Engagement indicator
  • Session recording
  • Online assessment
  • Personalized experience


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