Team of the film “BROTHERS” at Mithibai College festival Kshitij


Mumbai: SVKM Mithibai College’s annual inter-collegiate cultural festival, Kshitij’s launch took place on 5th August 2015 which was nothing less than a carnival. The three day festival that has a footfall of 40,000 was launched with the star cast of the movie “Brothers”.

The festival touched various sensitive issues like: – Youth-Connecting Issues, Akshay’s Martial Arts School, and Women Self Defense Centre (WSDC) that offers free self defense training to girls. He also spoke about how each individual must take up a sport and not depend on supplements to build their body as that is temporary.

“When in doubt, work out. When not in doubt, knock out” says Akshay Kumar & pumped up the enthusiasm of Kshitij-ites.

‘Blood-Sport’, Kshitij’s mixed martial arts event was also acknowledged by Akshay Kumar. To this, Sidharth Malhotra added how the ‘Brothers’ anthem will help everyone keep going through their tasks. Kshitij-ites were in awe of Jacqueline Fernandez’s skin and fitness.

A dance performance by Kshitij-ites, a martial arts act and a game- ‘Guess the brother’ were highlights of the launch.

When the Hollywood movie ‘Warrior’ was compared to ‘Brothers’, Akshay proudly claimed how the Bollywood remake will be loved much more.


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